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Mushroom Extract Recipes

Posts tagged: recipe

Balance Pumpkin Spice Lattes are always a good idea!

We think it's always a good time for PSL!

Salted Chocolate Hemp and Shroom Shake for Two

Start your day with this plant-based protein + superfood shake!


Cozy up + chill with this delicious hot mushroom cacao! (Makes 1 serving)

AWAKEN Iced Latte - Yes please!

Summer is approaching - enjoy an iced mushroom latte, the perfect way to cool down! Our Awaken Daily Activation Blend with Turkey Tail + Cordyceps + Lion’s Mane is sure to give you an amazing energy boost to start off the morning or get you through the afternoon. 

Shroomy Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Hungry for an afternoon snack? Try this delicious shroomy smoothie bowl! 

Cocoa Overnight Chia Oats with Balance

Cocoa overnight chia oats with Balance. The perfect breakfast to make today and enjoy all weekend!


MAKE THIS NOW! Start your weekend with this healthy indulgence and share it with your favourite person 🍄 ♥️ makes 2 servings.  . 2 cups almond milk. 1 frozen banana + 1/2 cup ice. 2 tsp @eversiowellness Eversio Wellness BALANCE Blend. 2 tbsp cacao (cocoa) powder. 2 tbsp maple syrup....

Brandi's Mushroom Hot Cacao

Brandi's Mushroom Hot Cacao for 2 - the perfect treat any time of the day!

Upgrade Your Morning with a Focus Latte!

Upgrade your daily grounds with this delicious mushroom latte!

Balance Bliss Bites

Start your week with a batch of our BALANCE BLISS BALLS!