Eversio Wellness : Our Logo Story

The triangles in our logo mean many things to each of us in the Eversio Wellness family:

CHANGE - The triangle is well known as the DELTA symbol. This is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and it denotes CHANGE in mathematics and science. The word EVERSIO is Latin for change. When we began our journey with mushroom wellness we changed the way we fuel, train, and nourish our minds, bodies, and souls.  And it’s been amazing! We truly hope that our mushroom wellness products will offer you the change you are looking for.

MIND, BODY + SOUL - Historically, the triangle represents our MIND. BODY. SOUL. At Eversio we practice a holistic wellness approach to being healthy where attention to all three aspects is needed to stay balanced.  We fell in love with mushroom wellness because Mother Nature has given us fungi to support: The MIND – Hello, Lion’s Mane! The BODY – Go, Cordyceps! Thank you, Shiitake, Maitake and Turkey Tail! And, the SOUL - Namaste, Reishi!  There’s no denying mushrooms have got holistic wellness covered! (If you’re really observant, you might even notice that the label colours we’ve chosen are connected to the Chakras we feel are supported by that product – if that’s your jam!

PRESENCE - The triangle means past, present and future in some cultures, and in our logo we love that the center triangle (the present) is the connected focus of the image. At Eversio Wellness we are committed to staying focused on the present moment. There is nothing to be gained from dwelling on a past that can’t be changed and we can’t predict what the future will bring. The present moment is all we ever have, and we love being committed to love and acceptance of right now.

MOUNTAINS - Mountains are spectacular and spiritual places! We are drawn to the mountains to connect with nature and find a place to feel grounded.  The mountains represent deep wisdom, and many spiritual legends tell the story of enlightened beings who sit on top of a mountain and offer advice to people below. At Eversio, we are grateful to live, play and work in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Here, we wake up to some of nature’s most amazing triangles every single day as we look out to our West Coast mountain ranges from every window.  We head for the mountains to ski, snowboard or snowmobile in the winter, and we crave the mountains for hiking and biking in the spring, summer and fall. Mountains also happen to be the magical place where our mushrooms are grown and harvested before they make their way to us.

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