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What’s Happening in the Lab with Eversio Wellness CSO, Garnet Martens

Just last week Eversio Wellness announced it’s first harvest of legally grown psychoactive mushrooms under its Health Canada-issued Controlled Substances Dealer’s License. We’ve been eager to feature our Chief Scientific Officer, Garnet Martens, to ask him questions about his career journey and joining the Eversio team!

Tell us your origin story. How did you become a scientist?  

Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated by nature. I would often go hiking and camping by myself and immersed myself in hobbies like fishing, but I always spent more time studying the lakes and rivers than I did fishing. I originally planned to be an architect but taking chemistry and biology in grade 11 completely changed me forever and I eventually landed at UVic where I studied biology through to my master’s degree.

Why did you choose to work with Eversio?

You might say that Eversio chose me, or that timing is everything. I have known Brandi and Craig Garden for many years and when Brandi sent out a “Happy New Year” email in January 2021 she mentioned that Eversio was opening a Research and Development Lab. Little did Brandi know that I was seeking an opportunity that would align with my values as a person and a scientist.

How do people respond when they learn you’re working with a mushroom wellness company?

I have lived an adventurous life so people who know me well are not incredibly surprised that I would take on such a challenge. Most of them ask a lot of questions about my work.

Why is your research important? What are the possible real-world applications?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for many people and has only exasperated the chronic mental health situation. Our society is coming to the realization that the distilled and synthetic thought process of Western medicine is not always the best option and are starting to seek alternatives to treat their conditions. This is exactly where our research sits. We have an amazing opportunity to provide tried and true, clinically proven alternative treatments for many people.

What is the coolest thing about your work at Eversio?

By far, the coolest thing is seeing other members of our team get excited about what is happening in the lab. After decades of lab work, this never gets old.

What do you want to achieve with your research? 

I want to have one amazing discovery; I want our future technicians and students to have their own amazing discoveries. But, of course, I want to create products that can genuinely help as many people as possible. 

Tell us your human experience this far in one sentence.

Live for adventure and seek the unknown because it might just be awesome.


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  • Nikki on October 12, 2021

    Well said I loved every word good luck Garnet I’m so proud to know all of you doing such good work for the human race.

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