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Eversio Wellness

CHILL : Organic Reishi 15:1 Dual Extract Capsules

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NPN - 80108581

If you are looking to increase resistance to stress and promote calmness, some deep breathing and a daily dose of CHILL are a great place to start.

Organic Reishi Mushroom 15:1 DUAL Extract

is a potent adaptogen and can offer support for


Reishi is well known in many cultures as the calming mushroom supplements because of its well documented ability to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, treat insomnia, and reduce the effects of stress on both the body and the mind.

Eversio Wellness CHILL is rich in bioactive compounds called beta-d-glucans (>55%) that make it a powerful immune system modulator to help you defend against viruses and other foreign invaders.

Reishi was once reserved only for royalty and referred to as the "herb of longevity" because of its long list of health benefits without any side effects.  

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Reishi Mushroom Extract.


~ USDA Organic certified 15:1 DUAL extract

~ Wood-log cultivated outdoors and harvested at maturity

~ Free of grains and growing substrate

~ Quantity Crude Equivalent: 15:1 extract x 500mg in 2 capsules = 7500mg (7.5g) for a powerful therapeutic dose of bioactive compounds

~ Verified Beta-D-glucans greater than 55%

~ 60 vegan capsules (250mg per capsule)

~ Vegan + Gluten Free + non-GMO (grown without chemicals or pesticides)

~ A powerful adaptogen and antioxidant for immune system support. Increases resistance to stress, supports sleep, and nourishes the heart and blood.

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No Grains

No Mycelium

No Fillers

CHILL : Organic Reishi 15:1 Dual Extract Capsules