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DEFEND : Turkey Tail Capsules - Resealable Pouch

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NPN: 80108579

For more than thirty years, Turkey Tail has been used as an addition to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The beneficial compounds in our 12:1 Turkey Tail Extract have been shown to strengthen the immune system and help prevent viral infections when offered in this therapeutic dose.

The high levels of verified Beta-D-glucans (>50%) in DEFEND make it a powerful sidekick for attacking foreign organisms. Turkey Tail mushrooms also contain polysaccharides that act as prebiotics for optimal gut health.

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Turkey Tail Mushroom Extracts.


  • Organic 12:1 Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract
  • Therapeutic Dose - 12:1 extract x 1000mg in 2 capsules = 12000mg Quantity Crude Equivalent
  • Made from the FRUITING BODY ONLY
  • No grains or growing substrate
  • Verified Beta-D-Glucans > 50%
  • 60 vegan capsules
  • Powerful digestive and immune system support
  • Used in TCM as an addition to radiation and chemotherapy treatments

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No Grains

No Mycelium

No Fillers

DEFEND : Turkey Tail Capsules - Resealable Pouch