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The Magic of Mushrooms

All mushrooms are magical!

We believe the future is FUNGI. While studies show mushrooms provide vast health benefits, many people find them a mystery and some people are even afraid of them. Our goal is to change that. Mushrooms aren’t vegetables, or fruit, or any other type of plant. They belong to their own kingdom – FUNGI – and there is no reason to fear them.

Fungi are awesome organisms that are very closely related to human beings if you look at our ancient ancestors. Mushrooms breathe in oxygen, consume other life forms, and reproduce by releasing spores that seek partnership to germinate. Just like us!

Mushrooms are able to protect your mind, feed your body and heal your soul.

That’s why it is the mission of our Mushroom Wellness Company to shape how fungi will impact the health of us and our planet.

Fungi and mushroom nutrition


Medicinal mushrooms use their natural intelligence to counteract the physical, biological, and chemical effects of stress in the body, helping human beings to stay in optimal health.

Edible mushrooms are highly nutritious superfoods for human beings and animals – they are fat free, low sodium, low calorie, gluten free and cholesterol free AND they are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Psychedelic mushrooms can be used in psilocybin-assisted therapy to provide enduring antidepressant effects in human beings – researchers have now found this to be at least twice as effective as psychotherapy on its own, and more than four times as effective as available antidepressant drugs. READ MORE HERE

Mushrooms lovingly help plants grow – and we need more plants growing if we want to reduce the “legacy layer” of carbon hovering over our planet.

Mushroom root systems (mycelium) work as nature’s communication system by sharing nutrients and information - like the internet of the forest. READ MORE HERE

Mushrooms work as nature’s recyclers by decomposing dead plants and animals so that we aren’t living on a planet covered in a mile-high pile of dead leaves.

Mushrooms can help us remove pollutants from the ground by consuming what they grow on.

Mushrooms love to eat bacteria and can even break down hydrocarbons that occur in oil making them heroes by turning inaccessible areas into useable spaces again.