More Fungi, Less Pharma - 100% Natural Cotton Tote Bag



Why Do I Need This Tote Bag?

Our eco-friendly 100% natural cotton tote bags emblazoned with the inspiring message "More Fungi, Less Pharma" are a beautiful gift for you or someone you love!

Crafted with sustainability in mind, these tote bags serve as a statement piece for those passionate about environmental conservation, natural health, and MUSHROOMS. 

With dimensions of 13" in width by 17" in height, they offer ample space for all your essentials, whether it's groceries, books, or everyday necessities. The added convenience of a built-in interior pocket ensures your smaller items stay organized on the go.

Plus, their machine washable nature simplifies maintenance, and they can be effortlessly hung to dry, making them both practical and planet-friendly accessories for your everyday adventures.

Fruiting Body Only
3rd Party Tested
Grain Free