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Eversio Wellness

MORNING DUO : Lion's Mane + Cordyceps (SAVE 10%)


Upgrade your morning routine with this powerhouse combo!

Adding FOCUS to your day is like taking your BRAIN to the gym. It works by stimulating Nerve Growth Factor and your future self will thank you for making it part of your wellness regimen today.

8:1 Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract - NPN 80108580

supports mental agility and can help you experience improved


Two of our 500mg capsules are made from 8g of dried Lion's Mane mushroom fruiting bodies.


Many athletes have a secret weapon; they are powered by mushrooms! WARRIOR can be taken daily to help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently by improving lung capacity and enhancing blood flow.

8:1 Cordyceps Mushroom Extract - NPN 80108578

is the ideal addition to your routine if you are looking for optimized


Two of our 500mg capsules are made from 8g of dried Cordyceps Militaris mushroom fruiting bodies.


8:1 extracts

~ No grains. No mycelium. No fillers.

~ Verified Beta-D-glucans greater than 25% in FOCUS

~ Verified Beta_D-glucans greater than 20% in WARRIOR

~ 60 vegan capsules in each jar

~ 500mg per capsule

~ 30 day supply of each

~ 1 jar FOCUS + 1 jar WARRIOR

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No Grains

No Mycelium

No Fillers

MORNING DUO : Lion's Mane + Cordyceps (SAVE 10%)