The LOVE OUR EARTH Limited Edition Box

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

~ Robert Swan

We LOVE mushrooms, and we are grateful to Mother Nature for providing these gifts to us. Our mushrooms aren't grown in a lab; they get their oxygen and sunshine from BIG MAMA herself, and at Eversio we show our gratitude for the medicine she provides by offering eco-friendly, zero waste packaging.

Eversio Wellness organic medicinal mushroom extract capsules and blends come in 100% compostable refill pouches for a healthier you and a healthier planet. Our refill system cuts down on carbon emissions and waste thanks to the addition of light weight and compostable refill pouches for our infinitely reusable glass jars.

Simply put, we are part of an industry that needs improvement. Many supplements designed to keep us well are packaged in PLASTIC, which is killing our planet.


The global supplement industry creates 1.8 billion plastic bottles every year. It is predicted that more than 70% of these will end up in oceans or landfills due to inefficient waste and recycling systems.


No more excuses.

It's time for ALL companies, large and small, to find alternatives to plastic packaging.

Our sustainability goal is to inspire every other supplement brand to do their part to end plastic pollution in the supplement industry. Together, we can change the world. Can you imagine if every store in the health and wellness space had a plastic-free policy?

Just picture those shelves with no plastic bottles. Now that would be HEALTH & WELLNESS for us and our planet.

One way to celebrate Mother Earth is to treat an "Earth Lover" in your life (maybe yourself) to our LOVE OUR EARTH Limited Edition Box!

This beautifully curated collection of treasures includes:

Defend Now + Everglow Now + 6 Mushroom Rejuvenate Blend and ....

+ NEW Limited Edition Reusable Canvas Tote Bag!
+ Mushroom Themed Journal (for your gratitude practice)
+ 1/2 TSP Mushroom Measuring Spoon (for perfect dosing)
+ Electric Mushroom Mixer (for the perfect mushroom latte every time)
+ Earth Day Smoothie Recipe Card (for a healthy treat that's so MUSH fun!)

Learn more about...

the ways our ZERO WASTE refill pouches address our sustainability goals HERE!



Fruiting Body Only
3rd Party Tested
Grain Free