Hormone Lovin’ Cilantro Pesto, Prawn & Konjac Noodle Bowl ft. 6 Mushroom Blend

March 19, 2024 | by ANNALIISA KAPP

Enjoy this recipe from our friend Annaliisa Kapp (@annaliisakapp), a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who helps ambitious women reverse the effects of stress through nutrition and self care so they can get their energy back! You can learn more about Annaliisa on her website HERE

This is your ultimate 10 minute POWER LUNCH to keep you going strong! Our Hormone Lovin’ Cilantro Pesto, Prawn & Konjac Noodle Bowl is packed with antioxidants, protein, fibre & healthy fats, along with cleansing superstars.  

Here is how’ll you’ll benefit: 

Brain boost: if you experience the 2pm crash, you need proper fuel to keep you going & prevent blood sugar lows. This means adding more protein (this recipe has 30gr), B vitamins (found avocados), nootropics (substances found in Lion’s Mane mushrooms that improve cognitive function, learning, & memory) & insulin regulating fibre (Konjac noodles).  

Hormone balance: the ingredients provide anti-inflammatory (Chaga), vitamin E for hot flashes (sunflower seeds), gut supporting (fibre & Maitake mushrooms), blood sugar balance (Tremella & Maitake) & stress modulating effects.   

Detox: CIlantro helps to chelate to heavy metals, fibre binds to toxins, & avocado helps the body produce glutathione, our master antioxidant. Due to it’s incredibly high antioxidant values, Chaga helps to protect DNA by fighting free radical damage from toxins. 




6 prawns (cooked) 

1 cup konjac noodles (rinsed) 

1 tsp avocado oil 

½ avocado 



1 cup cilantro, chopped 

¼ cup sunflower seeds 

1 Tbsp nutritional yeast 

½ tsp 6 Mushroom blend by Eversio Wellness  

1 garlic clove, roughly chopped 

⅛ tsp sea salt 

1 Tbsp lemon juice + ½ tsp zest 

3 Tbsp olive oil 



1. Prepare pesto by first blending or food processing sunflower seeds with nutritional yeast, garlic, & cilantro. Then add in the rest of the ingredients, drizzling in olive oil slowly while you blend.  

2. Warm up avocado oil on a medium pan over low heat. Add prawns & konjac noodles & heat through, tossing once or twice.  

3. To assemble, add 1 Tbsp of pesto on noodles & prawns & mix to cover & put into serving dish. Top with avocado & more pesto. Enjoy! 

Makes 1 serving (you will have leftover pesto to use for another dish of as a snack)


prawn and pesto bowl


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