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Join Us On Our Mission to Change Lives Through Fungi and Earn Something For Yourself Along the Journey!


We are all about sharing our love of the gifts Mother Nature has provided for us and are excited to welcome others to our growing family of like-minded, mushroom loving teammates who want to help others on their journey toward optimal health and well-being.

We are proud to create these products for you and happy to share their benefits with our brand ambassadors and affiliates who want to offer mushrooms for wellness to their followers, friends, and family.

If you are as excited about our products as we are, it is easy to join our team. Click the link below to apply for your own affiliate account and we’ll provide you with a discount code and link that you can share on social media, earning you a commission every time it’s used.

Within your application, please be sure to provide the email address we can use to send your earned commissions by e-transfer (Canada) or PayPal (USA) if you’re accepted as an Eversio Brand Ambassador. We will also need other applicable information (social media handles, website, blog, podcast, etc.) in order to process your application.

PLEASE NOTE: Your submission does not guarantee approval. You will receive an email should your application be approved. New affiliates will be onboarded at the beginning of each month. Inactive affiliates will be removed from our system and offered a chance to re-apply after 3 months of inactivity (discount code not used).


Everything You Need To Know About Joining The Eversio Mushroom Wellness Ambassador Program

Being an ambassador for mushroom wellness is a rewarding and empowering opportunity. If you know others who are interested in Supporting Healthy Immune System Function, Improving Mental Agility, or Optimizing Energy and Performance - then promoting premium quality medicinal mushroom supplements is right for you! Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started:

How Do Commissions Work?

Our Brand Ambassadors are paid a 10% commission on total sales from every referral order of mushroom supplements. You will need to provide referrals with your unique discount code or direct link that they can enter at checkout on our website. Our affiliate program will track your sales.

Will I Receive a Discount on Products?

Yes! You’ll receive 15% off products you purchase using your own code at checkout on our website - PLUS you’ll accumulate a 10% commission each time your code is used (even for your own orders).

In addition you will earn free product every time you accumulate $100 CAD in commissions to be paid out.

How Will I Promote Eversio Products?

You can add your personal code or link to the BIO section of all your social media accounts, then post on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook about Eversio products that you’ve tried and love! We'd also love it if you added us to your Amazon storefront (Canada and/or USA). Be yourself! Be honest! Share what you know about mushrooms for wellness!

If you have content collab ideas, we’d love to hear them!

What Discount Will I Offer My Followers?

Your followers, friends, and family will receive 15% OFF of their purchases any time they enter your unique discount code at checkout on our website. They get a great deal on Mushroom Wellness products, and you are rewarded for introducing them to us! Thanks! (We offer a 365-day cookie so that your code will continue to auto-populate at checkout for repeat buyers.)

How Will I Know What To Say About Eversio?

Join our journey on YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | TikTok to stay up to date on what’s going on at Eversio. Learn from others in the Eversio community by following our stories and reviewing our Instagram highlights for inspiration.



Steps to Becoming an Eversio Ambassador




Click the link and submit your application. Fill out the appropriate information and provide a working email address to receive email communications. Approval will be given only to those who include their social media handles and/or website.Β 



If approved, a welcome email will be sent to you containing a unique discount code you can start sharing right away.Β 

Please note: your submission does not guarantee your approval and new affiliates will be onboarded via email at the beginning of each month.



Share your unique 15% discount code with your community to start earning a 10% commission on all sales.



Once you reach a $100 CAD payout threshold, you will be notified and receive your commission earnings at the beginning of the next month. Then your account will be reset to $0 for a fresh start!


Terms:Β When a customer you referred makes a purchase through your affiliate link or uses your unique discount code, your commission will automatically be applied to your account.Β 

Payments:Β Payment will be sent to you when your commissions reach a $100 CAD threshold.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to your personal dashboard. There you will also find your affiliate link and can track your activity as often as you wish.Β 

All transactions will appear on your dashboard.Β 

We do not share your email with any 3rd party providers.Β 

Become A Brand Ambassador
Why We Care About The Ambassador

We CARE about Mushrooms for Wellness, the Environment, and YOU

Our β€œAffiliatly” ambassador platform will automatically track your sales and calculate your cumulative commission. You can login to this platform to check your sales commissions anytime by clicking the link sent to you in your registration email. Please remember to save this link for future reference. If you forget your password, just let us know and we can send you a link to reset it easily. These things happen!

We will pay you a commission of 10% on total sales before tax via e-transfer (Canada) or paypal (USA) every time you reach a $100 CAD threshold. For example, if your code is used on purchases totalling $1000 CAD over any period of time, we will pay you $100 CAD in commission, and then your account will reset. All totals are in CAD – Canadian currency.

As a valuable partner to our Eversio Wellness sales and marketing team, you can expect to be successful by regularly communicating the value of our medicinal mushrooms to anyone who might benefit from their inclusion in a holistic wellness routine. Medicinal mushroom extracts are a powerful superfood supplement for those who are looking for long-term stress support and long-term immune support. That’s almost every human on the planet these days, so your audience is limitless! To excel in your role, you will benefit from excellent communication and networking skills, a strong presence on social media, and a passion for fungi – just like us.


Is this the MOMENT to Become a Brand Ambassador for Mushroom Wellness?

Let's take this journey together and spread the LOVE for medicinal mushrooms to those who need to know about their powerful benefits. Do you know those people? There is so much to share!

Become A Brand Ambassador