Discover the Power of Mushroom Coffee

Upgrade Your Morning Routine With Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Take action and live a life of health and wellness with a simple change to your morning routine: adding mushroom extracts to your coffee. All you have to do is mix Β½ teaspoon (1000mg) of our premium mushroom extract blend with your choice of coffee (or tea) for a mood and energy boost. Or, you can reduce your coffee to Β½ cup and add Β½ cup of hot water with Β½ tsp of mushroom extract to reduce the total serving of actual coffee. Transform your morning routine with functional mushroom coffee and experience the Eversio difference!


Start Your Morning Routine With Mushroom Coffee

Taking care of your health and wellness means making conscious choices and taking proactive steps to promote and maintain your overall well-being. Mushroom coffee is a relatively new and innovative way to start your morning routine in a simple and healthy way. It’s a scientific blend of mushroom extracts that work together in a single serving to target specific concerns. These medicinal mushrooms can help support the immune system, improve cognitive function, and boost energy levels. By adding mushroom coffee to your morning routine, your body can easily absorbs the nutritional support it needs from functional mushrooms.

And the best part? Mushroom coffee is often considered a healthier alternative to traditional coffee. Mushroom coffee made with Β½ coffee and Β½ mushroom extract mixed with hot water contains a lower dose of caffeine, is lower in acidity, and has less of a negative impact on your gut health. Set your intentions for the day and feel more alert, focused, and energetic with a healthy mushroom coffee!

Why Try Mushroom Coffee

Why Try Functional Mushrooms in Your Coffee?

Every morning. One Β½ teaspoon a day.

● Build a healthy daily habit every morning with mushroom extracts
● Supports immunity, boosts energy, promotes gut health, and more
● Whole fruiting body of mushrooms for high-quality bioactive and
bioavailable compounds

Awaken Your Mood and Immune System With Mushroom Coffee

Rise and shine with your brain’s new best friend. Starting your day off with a morning routine that includes a mushroom extract blend of Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane can help set the tone for a productive and purposeful day. Turkey Tail is known for its immune-boosting properties, Cordyceps for its energy-enhancing effects, and Lion's Mane for its cognitive benefits. Together, this mushroom extract blend can help support overall health, boost energy levels, and sharpen cognitive function, making it your brain and body’s best support for overall health. Adding a Β½ teaspoon of this mushroom supplement to your daily coffee can help you feel more alert, energized, and ready to tackle whatever the day brings.


Rejuvenate From Within With Functional Mushroom Coffee

Fight against the aging process with a powerful combination of anti-aging superstars in your morning coffee. Adding a mushroom extract blend to your coffee that includes Oyster, Chaga, Tremella, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Maitake mushrooms provide the body with key nutrients and antioxidants that support healthy aging. The combination of these medicinal mushrooms can help reduce damage to mitochondrial DNA, support the immune system and cognitive function, and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. By mixing a Β½ teaspoon of mushroom supplements into your morning coffee, you can give your body the support it needs to fight against the effects of aging, helping you to look and feel your best.

Health Benefits

Bring Balance To Feel Your Best With Mushroom Coffee

Balance your mind and body with a potent mushroom extract blend in your coffee. We all need to be active and engaged in our pursuits, but we also need time to rest and recharge. That's where a high antioxidant combination of mushroom extracts designed to address the effects of too much stress and adrenaline in our system comes in. The blend contains a potent combination of Reishi, Lion's Mane, Maitake, and Shiitake mushroom extracts, all known for their high antioxidant properties. These functional mushrooms can help support the immune system, improve cognitive function, relieve stress, and enhance sleep quality. Simply add Β½ tsp of the mushroom extract blend to your coffee for a full therapeutic dose and start your day with a balanced mind and body.


Only the Best Quality Ingredients: Mushroom Extract Blends + Coffee

When it comes to our mushroom extracts, we only use the highest quality avaialble. This means that we use ONLY the fruiting body of medicinal mushrooms, as opposed to the mycelium and growing substrate offered by many companies in our space. The fruiting body is the part of the functional mushroom that contains the highest concentration of beneficial compounds, such as beta-glucans, polysaccharides, and ergosterols. By using only the fruiting body, we’re able to provide a more concentrated and potent dose of beneficial mushroom compounds in each serving. This ensures that you are getting the maximum health benefits from the mushrooms when you add our mushroom extract to your coffee. For the best results, pair our functional mushrooms with organic coffee brands.Wake up and unlock your potential with your morning mushroom coffee, and experience a new way to start your day.

Fight Brain Fog

Mushroom Coffee to Fight Brain Fog and Improve Focus

Brain fog, also known as cognitive fatigue, is a feeling of mental confusion or lack of focus that can occur during the day. It is a common problem that affects many people and can be caused by a variety of factors such as lack of sleep, stress, or poor nutrition. Functional types of mushrooms such as Lion's Mane and Cordyceps are known for their cognitive-enhancing properties that can help to improve focus, concentration, and memory. These mushrooms contain compounds that can help to increase blood flow to the brain, which can improve cognitive function and reduce brain fog.By adding a Β½ teaspoon of mushroom extracts to your morning coffee, you can experience the benefits of these functional mushrooms throughout the day. With this special blend of mushroom coffee, you can concentrate on the task at hand and give your brain the boost it needs to perform at its best.

upgrade your routine

Indulge in the Unique Flavor of Mushroom Coffee

It’s no secret that mushrooms have a distinct, earthy taste. The key to the optimal balance of taste and health benefits lies in the formulation of the mushroom extract blend. This means you can enjoy a delicious cup of mushroom coffee that boosts your mood and energy without having to compromise on taste. The functional mushrooms also serve numerous health benefits including lowering inflammation, helping manage a healthy weight and providing defense against diseases from asthma to cancer. Not only does it help to keep you healthy, but it also provides a convenient way to consume these beneficial medicinal mushrooms in one easy scoop.

With mushroom coffee, you can have the best of both worlds – great taste and great benefits. Feel the Eversio difference in your mushroom coffee!


Invest in Your Health and Wellness With Mushroom Coffee

A consistent routine is the key to success when it comes to mushroom coffee in the morning. Our body is a complex set of systems working together to maintain overall health and wellness. A holistic and comprehensive approach to nutrition is essential for optimal health. This approach can be achieved by incorporating functional mushrooms into our diet. Research and clinical studies have shown that the nutritional benefits of healthy mushrooms are not limited to just one compound or nutrient. But rather a combination of synergistic relationships between multiple nutrients, cells, and systems in the body. For example, beta-glucans in functional mushrooms have been shown to interact with immune cells, polysaccharides have been shown to interact with gut microbes, and ergosterols have been shown to interact with the endocrine system.

By adding mushroom extracts to your morning coffee, you can benefit from the highly concentrated and unique superpowers of functional mushrooms. Start your mushroom coffee journey with us for a healthier you.


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