The 6 Medicinal Mushrooms We Offer in Capsules

All mushrooms contain beneficial compounds, but medicinal mushrooms contain the highest levels of antioxidants, beta-glucans, terpenoids and other molecules that interact with the cells in our bodies helping us to achieve optimal health and vitality. The benefits of medicinal mushrooms depend on the type and percentage of compounds they contain. Here are the 6 medicinal mushrooms we offer as therapeutic grade mushroom capsule supplements:

  • Turkey Tail: Turkey tail mushroom capsules are popular for strengthening the immune system and preventing viral infections.
  • Lion's Mane: Lion's mane capsules improve brain health, mental clarity and agility, memory, and focus.
  • Chaga: Chaga mushroom capsules are rich in antioxidants and provide anti-aging effects by protecting DNA from damage.
  • Cordyceps: Cordyceps capsules are perfect for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. They support natural energy by stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria, and enhancing the body's ability to utilize oxygen.
  • Tremella: Tremella mushroom capsules boost skin hydration for healthy, youthful, and radiant skin that glows.
  • Reishi: Reishi mushroom capsules provide calm, enhance sleep quality, and protect against heart problems and the effects of stress.

Our Mushroom CAPSULE Collection to Support a Health Span that Matches Your Life Span

Proudly introducing our medicinal mushroom capsules made from organic whole fruiting bodies - no grains, no growing substrate, no fillers! Just PURE therapeutic grade extracts with maximized levels of the beneficial compounds these POWERFUL mushrooms are famous for. All of our mushroom extract capsules feature a USDA organic certified, fungi based, vegan capsule and planet positive packaging - order your mushroom capsules in a glass jar first, then save 15% when you subscribe for automatic refills that arrive in a 100% home compostable pouch!

What is it?

What’s Inside My Mushroom Capsules?

Did you know that there are 1.5 million species of fungi estimated to exist on Earth, including yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. Approximately 14,000 species of mushrooms have been identified, and about 2000 of those are thought to be edible or medicinal. However, only 14 mushrooms are recognized by Health Canada as powerful superfoods worthy of Natural Health Product status. These rare few are authorized to be offered as mushroom capsules by companies holding NPN licenses for their formulations. At Eversio, we use 9 of these very special medicinal mushrooms in our licensed products.

Each Eversio Wellness NPN licensed mushroom capsule contains either 250mg, 450mg or 500mg of organic medicinal mushroom extract, depending on the mushroom species and Health Canada’s maximum allowable daily dose. The other ingredients listed on our labels are in addition to these quantities:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose: Commonly known as MCC, this is a naturally occurring polymer – made of glucose. LEARN MORE.
  • Magnesium Stearate: A naturally occurring nutrient that represents a part of every type of fat. A small piece of dark chocolate has up to 5g of stearates. Also found in coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil. LEARN MORE.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: A mineral derived from phosphoric acid. Used as a supplement or antacid and as a source of calcium. LEARN MORE.

These other ingredients are required in very small amounts for the encapsulation process and are all naturally occurring, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO minerals and nutrients that help us get our very fine extracts inside their protective capsules. All the ingredients we use in our mushroom capsule are listed on the label because we value transparency and want you to know everything you are putting in your body.


How Are Mushroom Capsules Made?

Mushroom capsules are created differently depending on the company that makes them. To create our premium, therapeutic grade mushroom capsules, we ONLY use the whole fruiting body without any grain, growing substrate, or other fillers. The majority of the beneficial compounds in medicinal mushrooms, such as Beta-Glucans, Terpenoids, Anti-oxidants, and Sterols, can be found in the highest concentrations in the whole fruiting body. Grain spawn (the mycelium grown on grain offered by many other brands) is much lower in beneficial compounds and that’s why we do not include it in any of our mushroom capsules.

For Eversio, it all starts at the “mushroom bases”. These are USDA Organic Certified farms constructed in the majestic mountains where our medicinal mushrooms grow in nature. Our medicinal mushrooms are cultivated by experts who insist on real wood (birch, beech, oak, and duanwood) as the growing substrate because it offers an end product as close to what nature provides as possible. Medical mushrooms grow on trees in nature, not on grain. To ensure maximum potency and effectiveness, each mushroom undergoes careful harvesting at full maturity, sun drying, micronization (fine grinding), and hot water or alcohol extraction.

The ground up fruiting bodies need to go through an extraction process before being made into mushroom capsules in order for them to be effective. This is because our bodies can’t break down the tough cell walls of mushrooms to access the beneficial compounds locked inside. The resulting extracts with bioavailable benefits are spray dried to remove all moisture and then tested twice by third party labs to verify potency and absence of heavy metals. Eversio mushroom extracts are then encapsulated into USDA Organic Certified vegan capsules and sustainably packaged in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.


Meet the Vegan Capsules We Use to Make Our Mushroom Capsules!

Not all mushroom capsules are made the same, and the capsules we use at Eversio are REALLY different. Some brands use capsules made from gelatin (usually sourced from pork or beef), or wood cellulose. At Eversio Wellness, we are the first to use USDA Organic certified fungi-based capsules for our mushroom capsule supplements. Our capsules are made from organic pullulan which is natural, vegan, halal, and kosher. Our pullulan is produced by growing the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans on certified organic tapioca starch.

These fungi-based capsules are ideal for mushroom supplements because of the benefits they offer, such as the following:

  • Free of any allergens
  • Excellent Moisture Barrier
  • Optimal Prevention of Oxidation
  • Prolonged Shelf Life
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • 100% USDA Organic Certified
  • Plant-Positive

Eversio Wellness believes the future is fungi and we apply that belief to the smallest detail of our products, including the capsules we use.