The Eversio Collection - A Mushroom for Every Moment

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FOCUS NOW Lion’s Mane 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules for your brain on days that require focus and productivity or when the gut needs some love. Learn more about FOCUS Now!

CHILL NOW Reishi 15:1 Dual Extract Capsules for keeping the body and mind calm and resistant to the effects of stress, or when sleep cycles need support. Learn more about CHILL Now

PROTECT NOW Chaga 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules for fighting free radicals and preventing cell damage with super antioxidant power. Learn more about PROTECT Now!

ENERGIZE NOW Cordyceps 8:1 Extract Capsules as an all-natural pre-workout, libido boost, or for a bit of extra energy without a caffeine crash. Learn more about ENERGIZE Now!

EVERGLOW NOW Tremella 8:1 Extract Capsules for boosting skin hydration to create a youthful, radian appearance and supporting brain health. Learn more about EVERGLOW Now!

DEFEND NOW Turkey Tail 12:1 Extract Capsules for a daily dose of extreme immune system support (or we have been known to take an extra dose of DEFEND when we feel our bodies starting to fight off a cold or flu). Learn more about DEFEND Now!

3 MUSHROOM Blend - 3 Mushroom Extracts as a go-to upgrade to morning protein shakes, green smoothies, coffee, tea, matcha, oatmeal or chia pudding - why not make the most out of your mornings? Learn more about the 3 Mushroom Blend!

6 MUSHROOM Blend - with 6 Mushroom Extracts for an anti-aging sidekick that can help you rejuvenate from the inside with unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more about the 6 Mushroom Blend!

The BALANCE Blend - 4 Mushroom Extracts offering a high antioxidant combination of our mushroom extracts designed to address the effects of too much fight or flight and bring your body and mind into balance. Learn more about the BALANCE Blend

Each product offers a 2 month supply - CAPSULE products contain 60 organic certified vegan capsules and our EVERBLENDS contain 60g of high potency organic extract (use 1g or ½ tsp per day for a therapeutic dose)   Please see individual product descriptions on the SHOP page for more details about each item in this collection.  All products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and made from 100% mushroom fruiting bodies only – no growing substrate or fillers.

PLANET POSITIVE REFILL SYSTEM - Each product comes in an infinitely reusable glass jar (60 - ½ tsp servings or 60 capsules) with metal lid - order a 100% home compostable 60g or 60 capsule refill pouch when you’re ready for more. Refill. Reuse. Reduce. Repeat. Zero plastic and ZERO WASTE!

Fruiting Body Only
3rd Party Tested
Grain Free