Find the Functional Mushroom That’s Right for You!

Which Functional Mushroom Will Help You Experience the Best Results?

Almost everyone can benefit from adding functional mushrooms to their daily routine. Not all functional mushrooms are right for everybody, but we believe there is a mushroom that is right for you. If you have a health goal, Eversio Wellness provides a mushroom extract to support it!

Choose The Right Functional Mushroom

Which Functional Mushrooms Will Work for You?

Each type of functional mushroom can provide many benefits, but also has a unique β€œsuperpower”. Some people prefer mushroom supplement blends because they are crafted with different functional mushrooms offering a synergistic effect of their blended benefits. Mushroom extract blends, such as our AWAKEN Blend, BALANCE Blend, and REJUVENATE Blend are a perfect place to start your mushroom wellness journey if you’re looking for overall immune system, brain health, and cardiovascular support that can be added to your daily coffee, tea or smoothie ritual.

If you have a specific need, there are single mushroom supplements formulated to maximize percentages of beneficial compounds unique to each species. These mushroom supplements are highly concentrated extracts for quicker results and targeting particular concerns. For example, lion's mane is used to support mental agility, memory, focus, and mood. Cordyceps is used by athletes or people with active lifestyles to improve energy levels and endurance. While tremella helps improve moisture in the skin for a plump, young-looking, and healthy glow.
Whatever it is you want to achieve at this moment, there is a mushroom extract just waiting to be part of your journey.

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Medicinal Mushrooms vs. Psychedelic Mushrooms - Know the Difference

Before starting your mushroom wellness journey, it’s important to know the difference between functional mushrooms (also called medicinal mushrooms) and psychedelic mushrooms (commonly called shrooms or magic mushrooms). At Eversio Wellness, we provide functional mushroom supplements that have no hallucinogenic or psychedelic properties.

How Are Functional Mushrooms Different from Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms grow on trees or logs and are also called adaptogenic mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms. Each functional mushroom variety has an important place in Functional or Integrative Medicine, provides powerful health benefits, and is 100% legal in all countries around the world.

Psychedelic mushrooms grow in locations rich with plant debris, in meadows or fields, and in forests. They contain a compound called psilocybin, which is being studied for its potential effectiveness to treat a variety of mental health conditions. This compound is not found in functional mushrooms. In Canada, there is a new open pathway for psilocybin or psychedelic mushrooms to be provided by doctors for medically supervised use through Health Canada’s Special Access Program. However, recreational use of psychedelic mushrooms is still considered illegal in all provinces and territories of Canada. Visit to learn more about the research and development our doctors are doing to support access to natural psilocybin through the SAP for those in medical need.

The Effects and Benefits of Functional Mushrooms and Psychedelic Mushrooms

The effects and health benefits of functional mushrooms differ depending on type, but you will not experience any hallucinations or other psychoactive effects when taking any of our functional mushrooms. These mushrooms are taken as preventative medicine to protect the body and mind from the many effects of aging and the environment, or to enhance the functioning of the various systems of our bodies. Health Canada recognizes immunomodulating, antioxidant and TCM claims for functional mushrooms in their published monograph.

Psychedelic mushrooms contain psilocybin and produce perception-altering effects. They have been studied to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, substance abuse and other brain health conditions. Psilocybin can be produced synthetically, isolated from dried whole mushrooms, or consumed in its natural state in whole fruiting body mushrooms alongside over 150 other active compounds believed to work synergistically providing an entourage effect only Mother Nature can produce. More research is needed to discover how natural psilocybin can be safely and effectively offered as a legal alternative to traditional mental health treatments.


Which Medicinal Mushrooms Are Most Commonly Used Today?

Health Canada recognizes 14 types of medicinal mushrooms well studied and proven to deliver beneficial effects. Here are the 6 most popular and commonly used functional mushrooms available today:

  • Lion's Mane mushrooms (Hericium Erinaceus) have a white color and globe shape with long hairs, spines or teeth. They've been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and are also considered a choice edible.
  • Cordyceps mushrooms (Cordyceps Militaris) are parasitic fungi that traditionally grow on host larvae high in the Tibetan plateaus. Today they are cultivated on rice and soybeans.
  • Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum) have been extremely popular in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Farmers began cultivating them in the 1970s. They naturally grow in hot and humid places across Asia.
  • Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes Versicolor) are a multicolored type of mushroom with a disc-like shape. They are plentiful in many areas around the world and grow on tree trunks or decaying logs.
  • Tremella mushrooms (Tremella Fuciformis) are also called white fungi. They are edible and grow in tree branches or barks. They have a jelly like appearance and can hold up to 100 times their weight in water.
  • Chaga mushrooms (Inonotus Obliquus) grow on birch trees in the cold climates of the northern hemisphere and are known as the King of Mushrooms. The part of the chaga mushroom that we consume as medicine is called the sclerotium.
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Boost Your Energy and Endurance With Functional Mushrooms

Athletes and other people with active lifestyles need consistent energy to keep up with their busy schedules, routines, or training. Too often, addictive caffeine and other chemicals with side effects have been relied upon for sustaining energy throughout the day.

Cordyceps are functional mushrooms that can boost your energy and performance naturally without any addictive properties, side effects or crash. Cordyceps benefits include improving stamina, energy, endurance and even libido in both sexes. Cordyceps mushroom supplements also enhance lung capacity and blood flow, which is ideal for supporting athletic performance.


Functional Mushrooms to Improve and Enhance Your Mental Agility

Mental agility, clarity, and concentration help us to finish tasks quickly and more efficiently whether at work, home, or school. Unfinished tasks, feeling stressed, brain fog, mental exhaustion, and even accidents, may arise when you lack the ability to stay focused and think clearly.

Research has demonstrated that lion's mane mushroom supplements can help you stay focused and can help to improve your mood. Other lion's mane benefits include better memory, less inflammation, and protection against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


The Perfect Functional Mushrooms for Better Quality Sleep

Both lack of sleep and stress can lead to lasting mental and physical health issues such as anxiety, brain fog, apathy, depression, headaches, fatigue, appetite loss, and more. If you don’t get quality sleep every night, you can even experience emotional and behavioral problems.

Taking reishi medicinal mushrooms can help you avoid these issues. Some reishi mushroom benefits include reducing anxiety and stress, calming the mind, and balancing hormone levels, all resulting in better sleep quality.


Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally With Functional Mushrooms

If you are constantly getting sick, your wounds don’t heal quickly anymore, and you always feel tired, it’s could be due to a weak immune system. People with weak immune systems are more likely to experience infections and have other chronic health problems.

Turkey tail functional mushrooms can help to optimize your immune system function. Some turkey tail mushroom benefits include better immunity, and fighting viral infections in the body. Defend your immune system with turkey tail capsules and experience the daily benefits.


Stay Grounded and Balanced the Natural Way With Functional Mushrooms

Balance is necessary to complete tasks, keep life organized, and avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping your work and personal life balanced with help from a mushroom extract blend. It contains 4 functional mushrooms: reishi, lion's mane, shiitake, and maitake. This mushroom extract powder strengthens the immune system, enhances your cognitive function, relieves stress, and improves sleep quality. Taking these healthy mushrooms daily can help you stay balanced.


Increase Longevity with Natural Functional Mushrooms Rich in Antioxidants

Free radicals can cause health problems such as inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. Our body fights free radicals, however, when our body ages, its ability to fight free radicals decreases resulting in degeneration. That is why taking antioxidant-rich mushroom supplements is beneficial to both the mind and the body.

Functional mushrooms such as chaga, oyster, tremella, lion's mane, shiitake, and maitake contain high levels of antioxidants like ergothioneine. When combined together, they can fight free radicals in the body and rejuvenate your cells.


Maximize Your Results With Important Facts About Functional Mushrooms

When you’ve finished your research and have determined which functional mushrooms will work best for you to achieve the results you want; it is time to buy your mushroom supplements. However, not all mushroom supplements are made equal. Here are some things to look for when buying your mushroom supplements:

Choose High-Quality Mushroom Extracts Without Any Fillers, Grains, or Growing Substrate

For best results, always choose high-quality mushroom extracts - not powders. Extracts are potent and concentrated. Always check the label for ingredients included in your mushroom supplements. Most of the beneficial compounds are found in the whole fruiting body of functional mushrooms. If you find grains in the ingredient list, the product will be less potent and less effective.

Check the Mushroom Supplement Supplier’s Credibility

Knowing the supplier of your supplement is helpful when deciding where to purchase your mushroom supplements. Check credibility by browsing through customer reviews and testimonials and avoid getting your mushroom supplements from suppliers without any reviews. Authentic suppliers will provide all the information regarding their products to anyone who asks. This includes the medicinal specifications, extraction ratios of functional mushrooms, and product certifications. Credible suppliers show the world their passion for fungi.

Check the Expiration Dates of Your Mushroom Supplements

Keeping track and checking the expiration dates on your mushroom supplements is important. Mushroom extracts do expire. At Eversio Wellness, our mushroom supplements are tested for potency and stability up to three years after packaging. If you have a mushroom extract blend powder and notice clumping or hardening, don’t worry, it hasn’t gone bad, it just means it has been exposed to moisture. You can still use it by breaking up the pieces. If you use the mushroom extracts daily, you will use up the product in about two months.