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Earth Friendly Subscription Option for our REFILL and RESEALABLE POUCHES

We are excited to offer our POUCH products in a Sustainable Refill System!

Save time and money mushroom lovers!  When you make the wise decision to order your favourite products on subscription, you will not only save 15% on your monthly deliveries, but will save the time of having to go online to place your order every month.

When you choose the OPTION AT CHECKOUT to purchase our pouches on subscription, you will receive your orders as automatic repeat deliveries every month on the anniversary of your original purchase date. Just tear open a pouch, and refill your original glass jar.

This system saves carbon emissions by cutting the number of new glass jars that need to be manufactured.  Your original jar can be reused for years to come! Although glass is recyclable, the less we create, the less impact on our planet.

Flexible packaging (like our refill pouches) uses significantly less material and far less energy to manufacture than rigid containers, and it generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases as it is transported to us, to retailers or to you.

When you select the option to subscribe at checkout you'll SAVE 15% on every pouch you receive, your payment details will be stored securely, you'll be automatically charged for each order.

If you ever want to cancel or change your subscription, you can do it easily at any time. Your order confirmation emails have links to your order, and you can manage your subscription from there. 

See our returns policy for more details on returns and refunds.