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  • Where do you ship from?

    All orders are shipped from Surrey, BC, Canada.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship to Canada and the USA.

  • What are functional mushrooms?

    Functional mushrooms, also referred to as medicinal mushrooms, are superfoods that have been used in various forms of Herbal Medicine around the world for thousands of years. They are not psychedelics and they won't get you high. Over the past 10 years, medicinal mushrooms have been the subject of substantial laboratory and clinical research. These studies have revealed many promising ways to include mushroom extracts in our wellness routines.

    Their popularity has grown because of the way their activity in the human body targets the physiological dysfunctions that are the root causes of disease.

    These are SMART mushrooms!

  • What does "fruiting body only" mean?

    We hope you weren't looking for the short answer. Time for some education! We are proud to tell you that our mushrooms extracts come from the fruiting body only, and here’s why:

    In order to speed up the growing process and keep costs manageable in a difficult marketplace, many commercial mushroom producers grow their products indoors on grain. When their mushrooms reach maturity, it isn't possible to separate the mycelium (root system) from the grain substrate on which it was grown.

    However, it IS possible to remove the fruiting bodies themselves from both the grain substrate and the mycelium (we know this because we grow mushrooms in our homeschool classroom this way as part of our science curriculum - lots of fun - really fast and easy - lots of learning - highly recommend it for kids).

    When we grow our own mushrooms at home, we harvest the fruiting bodies and enjoy them with dinner, but we have never eaten the grain substrate or mycelium on which they grew. That part goes into the compost bin at our house.

    Here's what troubles us - instead of harvesting only the fruiting bodies, which contain the highest concentrations of beneficial bioactive compounds, some producers take the whole mass of grain, mycelium and mushrooms and grind it all up together and then call it mushroom extract. The truth is it's actually more grain and root system than mushroom. There are mushrooms in it, but these are not pure mushroom extract products.

    Of course, the grains and mycelium do have nutritional value and may have a place in holistic nutrition - but they lack the high percentages of beneficial bioactive compounds, like Beta-D-glucans, that most consumers are looking for when they seek out the medicinal benefits of medicinal mushrooms. This is why you won't find any bioactive compound percentages or extraction ratios listed on these products.

    Our pharmaceutical science and natural health practitioner team agree that high quality medicinal mushroom products have no mycelium or grain included.

    Other producers grow their mushrooms this way because it’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to mimic what happens when mushrooms grow in nature where it takes up to an entire year for each mushroom to reach its mature fruiting body stage. We totally respect that. But, why do they not make their products from the fruiting bodies only if they want to sell their products as medicinal mushrooms?

    Perhaps the answer is to establish two different markets in this space so that consumers who care (like those of you who have read this far - well done!) can make an educated choice about whether they want to buy a nutrition supplement with the benefits of mycelium on grain, or a potent medicinal supplement made from fruiting bodies only.

    In the end, it all comes down to cost. Whole fruiting body extracts are understandably much more expensive to produce. The cost to consumer for these two types of products cannot be compared for good reason - it would be like comparing Timex to Rolex. Quality always speaks for itself.

    We proudly source our medicinal mushrooms from deep mountainous regions around the world, far away from industrial cities, where they grow in their natural habitat, with lots of fresh air, the way Mother Nature intended. Mushrooms in nature breathe oxygen and gather nutrients from the ecosystem of living things in the ground around them. Mother Nature doesn't get it wrong when she builds a mushroom - and that's why our mushroom extracts have substantial percentages of verified bioactive compounds in them.

    Mushroom extracts have been an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, so the research, cultivation and extraction facilities across Europe and Asia are light years ahead of any producer in Canada or the United States. Sourcing our mushrooms from the most advanced and sustainable cultivation areas on the planet is the only way to ensure we are providing the highest quality, most potent products we can.

    Our mushrooms come from suppliers with USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher and EcoCert certifications.

  • Are your mushrooms organic?

    Yes! The mushroom extracts we use in all of our products are grown outdoors on organic certified farms and come to us with USDA Organic Certifications.

    Note that you won’t find the USDA Organic symbol on our capsule products because the actual vegan capsule that we use in the encapsulation process does not come with this certification.  We are working on sourcing organic certified vegan capsules, but they are much like unicorns and we haven’t had any luck finding them.

    Please contact us if you are a supplier that can provide these! We’d love to hear from you!

  • Are your mushrooms gluten-free?

    Absolutely! They are 100% gluten free. They are just mushrooms! They contain no grains, mycelium or fillers and have not been processed in facilities with gluten containing products.

  • Do your products contain any grains or mycelium?

    No! Our products are made from whole fruiting body mushrooms that are cultivated on organic certified farms. When they’re mature, our mushrooms are removed from all mycelium and growing substrates (logs) that have nourished them through their growing cycle, then they’re sent to an extraction facility. No grains are used in the cultivating, processing, or encapsulating of our products.

  • What are extraction ratios and why do they matter? (8:1 –12:1 – 15:1)

    The extraction ratio of each medicinal mushroom extract identifies how much dried mushroom was used to create the serving you receive. 

    For instance, our 15:1 extracts are produced by starting with 15 kg of dried mushroom fruiting bodies.  A hot water and/or alcohol extraction method is used to release the bioactive compounds and remove any unwanted contaminants.  This decoction is then spray dried down to 1 kg of potent extract with all of the beneficial compounds from the original 15 kg of dried mushrooms. 

    We do this because of the realistic convenience of taking 1g of extract instead of having to take 15g for the same benefit.

    Companies that don’t list extraction ratios or percentages of bioactive compounds (such as Beta-D-glucans) are likely selling 1:1 products and you would need to consume a lot of them to get the same benefits as high extraction ratio products.

  • Is the quality or potency of functional mushroom extracts affected when they are heated?

    Absolutely not!  All of our mushroom extracts have already been through a hot water or hot water and alcohol extraction process that ensures and maximizes the bioavailability of beneficial compounds like beta-d glucans for immune system support, triterpenoids as antioxidants, and cordycepin as an anti-inflammatory. Additional heating does not reduce their potency or effectiveness.

  • What's an adaptogen?

    Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that protect the body from stress by stabilizing and optimizing its physiological functions. Rather than serving a single targeted purpose, they adapt their healing properties to whatever your body needs at a given time in order to restore you to optimal health.

  • I just got my mushrooms! How do I use them?

    We are so excited you're starting your mushroom wellness journey!

    We recommend 2 capsules each daily of FOCUS + WARRIOR + CHILL, and 1/2 tsp BALANCE every day or every other day.

    We love to STACK and highly recommend it! It's completely safe, not to mention highly effective. However, if you're new to mushroom nutrition, it's best to introduce one product at a time as they each have different bioactive compounds that affect everyone differently.

    We start the morning with 2 capsules each FOCUS + WARRIOR, and end the day with 2 CHILL capsules in the evening or 30-60 minutes before bed for optimal relaxation + sleep quality.

    Remember to take your mushrooms with food to avoid any tummy trouble.

    Enjoy a BALANCE Blend latte or smoothie in the morning, afternoon or after dinner - they're great any time of the day!

    Check out great recipes using our BALANCE Blend in our Mushroom Recipes Blog

  • When should I take my mushrooms?

    Suggestions from our Holistic Nutritionists are as follows:

    CORDYCEPS - morning and/or early afternoon

    TURKEY TAIL - morning and/or early afternoon

    LION'S MANE - afternoon and/or early evening

    REISHI - evening

    SHIITAKE & MAITAKE - can be taken anytime

  • How frequently should I take my mushrooms?

    Functional mushroom extracts work best with prolonged use. Including them in drinks or recipes or taking capsules each day will help to deliver optimal results. We like to change up which mushrooms we take depending on personal needs, and often we stack a few together. 

    In general, every day is a good day to for adding mushrooms to your wellness routine!

  • Should I take my supplements with food or on an empty stomach?

    It is Health Canada’s recommendation that all mushroom extracts be consumed WITH FOOD to avoid digestive upset.  Most of our customers have reported that they can take their mushroom supplements anytime without any trouble, but it’s quite common for people who are new to using high-potency mushroom extracts to experience some digestive irregularity for a day or two when beginning a new routine.  It is best to discontinue use if upset stomach occurs for more than 48 hours. Always consult your health care practitioner for the best advice in your specific situation.

  • Do you own your own mushroom farm?

    We have close relationships with sustainable producers who are very well respected globally.  These farms are not owned or operated by Eversio Wellness, but members of our team visit the farms to verify sustainable practices, treatment of workers and quality assurance standards, and are treated like family when they do.

    Our producers have USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher and EcoCert certifications, and are committed to the development of scientific research into innovative extraction and testing technologies.

    Our mushroom extracts are rigorously third party lab tested by SGS Vancouver to verify bioactive compounds, quality and safety above and beyond the standard expectations.  Once our extracts have passed rigorous local testing, all formulating, blending, encapsulating, packaging, labeling and shipping are completed in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Where do your mushrooms come from?

    We proudly source our medicinal mushrooms from deep mountainous regions around the world, far away from industrial cities, where they grow in their natural habitat, with lots of fresh air, the way Mother Nature intended.  Mushrooms in nature breathe oxygen and gather nutrients from the ecosystem of living things in the ground around them. Mother Nature doesn't get it wrong when she builds a mushroom - and that's why you’ll find substantial percentages of beneficial bioactive compounds, like beta-d-glucans, in our products and always listed right on the label.

    Sourcing our mushrooms from the most advanced and sustainable cultivation areas on the planet is the only way to ensure we are providing the highest quality, most potent products we can.

  • Can I give mushroom extracts to my kids?

    In general, it is considered safe to give medicinal mushrooms to children ages 10 and up. 

    Otherwise, seek guidance from your health practitioner to make a decision about your child’s specific situation.

  • Can I give mushrooms extracts to my pets?

    Yes! Holistic vets who prescribe mushroom extracts recommend 1/8 tsp twice daily for small dogs. You can scale the dosage up or down accordingly to your pet’s size. If they do not like the taste, try breaking the servings into smaller dosages more frequently over the day.

    If you want to read more about your fur babies and functional fungi - read our blog HERE.

  • Can you provide a Certificate of Analysis?

    Yes! We’d love to share our testing results with you! Please contact us and we will be in touch.

    Contact the Eversio Team

  • How exactly do you make a mushroom extract?

    It’s a multi-step process!  First, fresh mushroom fruiting bodies are harvested from their cultivation site and laid out to dry. Once they are dried, the mushrooms are ground into a powder.

    Then, the powder is cooked in water and/or alcohol. Water is used to release water soluble compounds and alcohol is introduced to release non-water-soluble compounds in some mushrooms.

    This cooking breaks down the cell walls of the mushroom allowing for the extraction of the many beneficial compounds (Beta-D-glucans, cordycepin and triterpenes to name a few). The mushroom cell walls are made up of chitin (pronounced KITE-IN), and our bodies don’t have the enzymes to break these down properly, so if we just eat fresh mushrooms these active compounds are not as bioavailable to us. Extraction makes these available and easier for our bodies to use.  Steeping dried mushrooms in hot water to make a tea can offer similar results and this is how ancient cultures learned to get the highest benefit from their fungi before today’s sophisticated processes were developed.

    The resulting liquid from cooking the mushrooms is drained off and concentrated to the desired consistency. If any alcohol is used in the extraction, it is precipitated out (removed).

    The liquid is then sent to a spray dryer, where it spins at high speed which removes all the water, leaving you with the fine powder that you see when you dive into our products! Amazing!

  • Is your Reishi wild or cultivated?

    Eversio’s Reishi mushrooms are grown on organic farms where cultivation has a few advantages over wild collection. The biggest difference is that cultivated Reishi is highly standardized, meaning that all of the Reishi grown on one farm is virtually identical. 

    Wild collected Reishi is considered a bit of a “potluck” where the forager goes into a forest and finds Reishi growing on a variety of trees. They may even be different species of Ganoderma, and certainly they will be different based on the environments in which they grow. Some of the Reishi may be years old and some may be newly fruited. Some may have experienced severe challenges while others may have had gentle lives. The end result is a wide variety, even from one forager in one forest.

    Cultivation solves the problem of this random range of mushrooms. The standard method of organic Reishi cultivation is to grow the fruiting bodies on logs. The type of tree that the Reishi naturally prefers is cut into logs in the forest and used to grow the Reishi. These Reishi farms are in the mountains at high altitude, and are established close to where the trees have been cut. We consider this system semi-wild. Our growers are extremely careful about the water source, always assuring that no industry or other polluters are polluting the water that is used in cultivation. Chemicals and pesticides are not used by our growers making the Reishi organic, whether certified or not. All of our products are USDA organic certified.

    Reishi grown by this wood log technique is superior to the lab grown, mycelium on grain alternatives on the market because it is natural, potent, clean and sustainable. The logs are inoculated in a very clean environment, and once the inoculation has taken, the logs are buried in the mountain soil. Over several months the logs are completely converted to Ganoderma mycelium, the whitish fungal mass. Eventually the fruiting body (the mushroom stalk and head or cap) emerge and grow to maturity.  Like all living things, Reishi is what it eats. If it is grown on a log derived from a very vigorous kind of tree, the potency of the Reishi is greater.  

  • What are the other ingredients in your capsules?

    Our capsules contain either 500mg or 250mg of organic mushroom extract as listed on the label. The other ingredients listed are in addition to these amounts.  The other ingredients are required in very small amounts for the encapsulation process and are all naturally occurring, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO minerals and nutrients.


    1. What is Silicon Dioxide?  It is most often recognized as quartz and is found naturally in water, plants, animals, and the earth. It makes up more than 95% of known rocks on the planet. It is found naturally in the tissues of the human body. LEARN MORE.

    2.  What is Microcrystalline Cellulose? Commomly known as MCC this is a naturally occurring polymer – made of glucose. LEARN MORE.

    3.  What is Magnesium Stearate? It is a naturally occurring nutrient that represents a part of every type of fat.  A small piece of dark chocolate has up to 5g of stearates. Also found in coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil. LEARN MORE.

    4.  What is Dicalcium Phosphate? – A mineral derived from phosphoric acid. Used as a supplement or antacid and as a source of calcium. LEARN MORE.

  • What are the capsules made of?

    Our capsules are made from a natural vegan cellulose fiber called HYPROMELLOSE. Hypromellose capsules are anon-animal-derived alternative to gelatin capsules, which are made from pigskin, bovine skin or other by-products from the meat industry. YUCK!

  • How will I know if the mushrooms extracts I'm taking are working or not?

    Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens that work over long periods of time. Although some people say they notice a change in their wellness after just a few doses, the real benefits of medicinal mushrooms are obtained through prolonged use.

  • Why do some of your mushroom extracts taste so bitter?

    That bitter taste comes from some of the beneficial compounds (like triterpenoids) that are made bio-available through the hot water or alcohol extraction process our mushrooms experience before making their way to your taste buds. So, the more bitter the better. Bitter Reishi is high-quality Reishi! This bitterness helps mushroom extracts pair well with coffee or chocolate. Try it!

  • What is the point of your sustainable refill system?

    Put simply, the world needs to stop creating so much packaging – of any kind!  Less packaging = happier planet!

    In our dream world we would have every customer walk over to our place to say hello and pick up their mushroom extracts in their own favourite container of choice! No packaging! Imagine that!

    However, most of you live too far away to do that, so we thought long and hard about how we could get your mushroom wellness support to you with the least amount of impact on the planet possible. - That’s how our sustainable refill system was born.

    Glass is infinitely reusable and recyclable and it does an excellent job of looking great and keeping what’s inside fresh, safe, and easy to access.

     The trouble with glass is that many communities (including ours) don’t allow consumers to recycle any glass in curbside recycle bins.  So, people end up throwing it into the garbage when they no longer have a use for it. 

    That’s why we decided to give you just one glass jar for each of your mushroom extracts - to keep forever! Don’t recycle it and don’t throw it away

    Instead, when it’s almost empty, order your refill from our website and we will send you more capsules in a refill pouch that you can open and pour into your original jar. 

    The other issue with glass containers (and all rigid plastic containers) is that they require a lot more energy to manufacture and transport than flexible packaging does. 

    When transporting packaging to manufacturers, flexible options weigh considerably less and take up less space than rigid packaging, which means you can ship more in each truckload, making fewer runs, using less fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

    Rigid plastic packaging has created a global recycling crisis because it is so often not delivered to its intended recycling facility.  People think they are doing their part when they toss plastic into the recycle bin, but the reality of where that plastic actually ends up is another story.  It’s upsetting to hear this, and we don’t want anyone to stop recycling, but as consumers we can do better by not buying things that create issues for our planet when we are done with them. 

    Check out this CBC News story: Exposing Recycling Myths 

    Some flexible packaging can be recycled through in-store drop-off programs where it isn’t accepted in curbside bins.  If you have no choice but to toss your flexible packaging into the garbage, you can do so knowing that you are sending far less material to the landfill than if you were tossing out any kind of rigid container. 

    Our refill pouches are made from a recycled kraft paper outer layer and a metalized inner moisture and oxygen barrier layer.  They can be recycled in communities that offer recycling for this type of flexible packaging – however, there aren’t many of these in Canada at this time.  That’s why we didn’t put a recycle symbol on our pouches – we wanted to be completely transparent about the reality of the recycling situation in our country and keep you from inadvertently contaminating your community’s recycling system. 

    Please contact your local recycling provider for the best option in your community.

    Our refill pouches were created for us by the excellent human beings at FoodPak in Richmond, BC.

  • Are your refill pouches compostable?

    Wouldn’t that be nice? We are trying!  We will get there! Unfortunately, at this time there is no such thing as 100% home compostable food packaging for Canadians. Companies that advertise this to Canadian consumers are participating in something known in the industry as GREENWASHING. Watch this!

    Sadly, Canadian communities don’t yet have the infrastructure to compost all of the parts of packaging that says it is compostable, and this causes big problems for waste management providers.  Well-meaning citizens see the words “recycle” or “compost” on a package and they assume that means they can include these items in their green or blue bins at home, when in fact, they cannot, and should not.

    The truth is that there is often “fine print” left off of some packaging that needs to clearly explain that these items are only able to be recycled or composted at specialized industrial facilities that do not yet exist here in Canada. Some parts of the package might be compostable or recyclable, but the adhesives, zippers, etc. are NOT compostable. When you toss these “industrial compostable” items into your home compost or recycle bins they contaminate the entire batch of compost in which they are included.  These contaminated batches often end up at the landfill and are creating global waste issues.   

    If all goes well, new technology from Canadian suppliers will be available in 2021 for compostable pouches and we intend to source these as soon as we can. Until then, our refill pouches are made from two layers – the outside is made from recycled kraft paper and the inner layer is a metallic moisture and oxygen barrier that is required to keep your capsules safe.

    Please contact your local recycling provider for the best option in your community for disposal of your refill pouch. Please do not toss the pouch, or any other food or supplement packaging into your home compost bin if you live in Canada.  Stay tuned for updates!


  • How should I store my mushrooms?

    Our mushrooms products can be sensitive to heat, light and moisture over time, so they need to be kept in an air tight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Our glass jars are the best place to store your capsules or blends because they protect what's inside from moisture and light. If you have received your order in one of our pouches, you're still in good hands. Our pouches are made from a recycled paper outer layer with an inner oxygen and moisture barrier to keep the product fresh.

    However, it is VERY important that you SEAL THE POUCH tight after each use in order to keep the moisture out. At our house, we pour our pouch of AWAKEN into our own glass jar that can seal tight. This jar lives right beside the blender (because that's where we use it in our smoothies every day). If you find that some moisture has gotten into your mushroom extract powdered blend and it is starting to "clump" - have no fear! Just reseal the pouch and break up the clumps. Your mushroom extract will still be as potent as it ever was.

  • Do your products expire?

    Yes, they do. Please see the label on each product for its exact expiry date. In general, our extracts have been tested for potency and stability for up to three years after they are packaged.  If you find that your powdered extracts are beginning to harden or clump after you have had them for some time, it means they have been exposed to moisture.  They are still safe to use up to the expiry date if you are into breaking up the pieces.  If you use the extracts every day you will likely use up the product in less than two months.

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    3. Here you can change your delivery schedule, card on file, addresses, you can even "skip a month" if you're not running low of product just yet!

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