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No grains, mycelium, or fillers

Organic Fruiting Body Mushroom Extracts

Secret weapon = powered by mushrooms

Energy + Endurance

WARRIOR Cordyceps Capsules

take your brain to the gym

Memory + Productivity

FOCUS Lion's Mane Capsules

Promote Calmness

Sleep Better

CHILL Reishi Capsules

provided by nature - backed by science

Protect and feed your MIND + BODY + SOUL with sustainably packaged, whole fruiting body mushroom extracts, all organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

Eversio means change. Our mission is to CHANGE lives through fungi. To do that, we know we need to inspire change in the mushroom wellness industry so that all brands in our space become transparent about potency and purity, committed to sustainable packaging, and offer fair value to customers. We’re a small, conscious business determined to help heal this planet and its people.

What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"I recently started taking Balance and find it easy to mix into my morning coffee. The combination provides me with a variety of benefits which I hope will keep me sharp into my late senior years."

Marilyn K. - Retired + Fabulous

"Most mushroom products contain a lot of mycelium which is why I haven't found a brand I loved .. until NOW! Excited to add Eversio Wellness to my routine."

Sharan S. - Nutritionist + Crossfit Coach

"The proof is in the pudding! I took 2 capsules of Eversio Wellness CHILL and woke up with 99% recovery! I have NEVER had 99%. WOW Eversio!"

Jovan S. - Fitness Trainer

"I swear by Focus and Warrior to start my day! Focus gives me the mental clarity and Warrior gives me the all natural pre-workout boost I need."

Kal S. - Heroic Husband

"Your REISHI has completely changed my life! After taking Chill for the past few months, I actually sleep through the night and it has totally helped with my anxiety."

Lindsay H. - Mom of Two Busy Boys

"I have been taking the cordyceps and lion's mane for a month now. I have been feeling mentally focused, and have more energy throughout the day. I highly recommend these products."

Craig L. - Adrenaline Junkie

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