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Upgrade Your Health and Wellness Routine with Organic Functional Mushroom Fruiting Body Extracts

Eversio means change. Our mission is to change lives through fungi. We intend to do that by offering the best functional mushroom supplements available today. Eversio Wellness products deliver the benefits of functional mushrooms with premium-grade fruiting body extracts that are organic, non-GMO, and super concentrated. Each capsule or 1/2 tsp of our mushroom extracts delivers a FULL THERAPEUTIC DOSE!

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Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness With Mushroom Supplements

Stress and fatigue are unavoidable in our world of constant change. We understand the need to address these concerns and we provide a powerful tool through our mushroom extract blends and capsules. All of the mushrooms we use are naturally grown outdoors and hot water (or dual) extracted with sophisticated technology to ensure each mushroom supplement is powerful enough to act as an adaptogen to counteract the effects of stress and an immunomodulator to balance the immune system.

Adopting daily supplementation with functional mushrooms has improved the health and wellness of generations of people from many cultures around the world. Depending on the mushroom or blend you choose, you can invite long-term stress support, enhanced energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness to your life.

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Best Mushroom Supplements to Boost Your Energy and Endurance

If you feel tired and worn out, you might be looking for ways to naturally boost your energy. Mushrooms can help! By taking Cordyceps mushroom extract capsules daily, you can enhance your energy levels without relying on stimulants or other harmful chemicals. Some people even find they can skip their morning caffeine by using cordyceps mushroom supplements instead. It can maintain stamina and endurance by supporting the lungs during intense exercise, which is why many athletes take our ENERGIZE Now Cordyceps mushroom capsules. Additionally, it’s effective in promoting overall wellness and is commonly linked to improved libido. Let’s goooooo!


Improve Mental Agility with Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Supplements

With many distractions around us in a busy world, staying focused and 100% productive can be difficult. Taking FOCUS Now Lion's Mane capsules any time of day can improve your memory, concentration, productivity, and even gut health! There are numerous brain benefits associated with Lion's Mane extract because the beneficial compounds it contains can cross the blood-brain barrier. It can promote the synthesis of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), which regulates nerve cell growth and reproduction making it possible for the brain to heal and repair itself. Additionally, several studies suggest that Lion’s Mane extract may support overall brain health and cognitive function, potentially aiding in the maintenance of a healthy brain as we age.


Functional Mushrooms Reduce Stress and Promote Better Quality Sleep

Reishi mushroom extract has long been revered as one of the most potent traditional remedies for enhancing overall well-being and promoting longevity. Often referred to as the mushroom of immortality, we affectionately dub it “herbal yoga”! Many individuals who previously relied on pharmaceuticals for managing stress and achieving restful sleep have found relief through Reishi Mushroom supplements, particularly those with confirmed triterpene levels (such as Eversio’s CHILL Now), which offer effective support without the potential drawbacks of chemical interventions. Beyond its reputation for supporting emotional balance and aiding sleep quality, Reishi mushroom extract is also being researched for its potential to regulate hormone levels and promote heart health.


Optimize Your Immune System with Functional Mushrooms

It’s a great time to commit to daily prevention of viral infections and to naturally strengthen your immune system with Turkey Tail mushroom capsules! Turkey Tail mushroom extracts contain powerful antioxidants that deliver overall immune support and regulation to get you on the path to being and staying your healthiest self. They have high levels of the Beta-D-glucans and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) responsible for fighting foreign organisms that might be trying to make you sick. You can help to DEFEND yourself daily with high potency, organic turkey tail extract mushroom supplements. Promote the activity of your body's natural fighters - macrophages, T-cells, and natural killer cells and kick infection to the curb!


Daily Mushroom Supplements to Help You Stay Balanced

Improve your overall health and wellness by adding a well-balanced powdered extract mushroom blend to your favorite coffee, tea, smoothie or recipe each day. Eversio’s BALANCE Blend is formulated with the high potency extracts of four powerful functional mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake. This blend offers a mega dose of daily antioxidant support for your immune system, brain function, heart health, and management of stress. Antioxidants help to protect your body from free radical damage that leads to aging and chronic disease. Add half a teaspoon of BALANCE Blend to any beverage or recipe, and feel good about this easy upgrade to your wellness routine!


Anti-aging Effects of Functional Mushrooms for All Natural Longevity

Aging happens! The human lifespan basically reflects the level of free radical damage that accumulates in our cells. When enough damage accumulates, cells can’t survive, and they give up. To put it simply, as we age, we are “rusting” just like metal rusts with oxidation. This is why we get wrinkles, lose our memories, and experience organ system breakdowns as we get older. Count on the 6 Mushroom Blend of functional mushrooms, including Chaga, Tremella, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Maitake, to slow this process down. These six functional mushrooms are known to have the highest percentages of ergothioneine - a SUPERSTAR antioxidant. Add 1/2 teaspoon to your routine and know that you are supporting the beauty of all-natural youthfulness from within.


PREMIUM Mushroom Supplements Made From High Potency Functional Mushroom Extracts

If you have a wellness goal, Mother Nature has created a functional mushroom to support it. We believe there is a mushroom for EVERY MOMENT! It’s our mission to help you find the right functional mushroom extract product to optimize your health and create a positive change today!

Health Canada enforces strict regulations when it comes to mushroom supplements for Canadians. All of Eversio’s NPN licensed functional mushroom supplements meet or exceed these standards, including the listed maximum acceptable dose per day. It is common knowledge in the mushroom wellness research space that at least 3000mg quantity crude equivalent (QCE) of any functional mushroom is required per day to achieve therapeutic effectiveness. Various conditions and health goals often demand even higher doses alongside prolonged use. You can be confident that all Eversio products list and provide more than 3000mg QCE per capsule (or ½ tsp of powdered extract blend) for an efficacious dose of mushroom wellness in a very small, but powerful serving.

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Functional Mushrooms Grown Outdoors on Wood - The Way of Mother Nature

We are obsessive not only about the quality of the finished mushroom supplements we produce here in British Columbia, but also on how our functional mushrooms are cultivated from the very beginning. Our mushrooms are grown on USDA Organic Certified mushroom bases in the majestic mountains of the regions in the world where each mushroom naturally grows. They are cultivated outdoors on wood, the way they grow in nature. In our forests, functional mushrooms have not evolved to grow on grain. They grow on the wood that contains the precursors to their beneficial compounds that we know are responsible for their benefits. Our Eversio guarantee is that NO GRAINS will ever be included in any of our mushroom supplements so that we can deliver the highest potency for the greatest mushroom supplement benefits.

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Mushroom Extracts vs. Mushroom Powders - What’s the Difference?

Mushrooms are naturally rich in the antioxidants and other specialized beneficial compounds needed by the body and brain for optimal well-being. Our team of experts is confident that functional mushrooms MUST be hot water or hot water and alcohol (dual) extracted to guarantee bioavailability of these compounds and to create the potency required for therapeutic effectiveness. Our extraction process isolates and concentrates Beta-D-Glucans, terpenes, triterpenes, ergothioneine, adenosine, cordycepin, betulinic acid, and more! We have worked hard to deliver the mushroom supplements benefits and effects that are well documented in thousands of studies. Unfortunately, many of the mushroom supplements available in Canada and the U.S. today are made from un-extracted ground up mushrooms, un-extracted mycelium on grain, or tinctures. These products are significantly less potent than the mushroom extract supplements used in clinical research.

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Mushroom Supplements Verified for Therapeutic Potency

We focus on current research, clinically effective formulations, and verified third party testing to provide potent and effective mushroom supplements that change lives. We control the effectiveness of the organic functional mushroom supplements we create by sourcing USDA Organic Certified, whole fruiting body mushrooms from around the world based on the highest quality available on any given day. Extensive third party testing is completed as per our own specifications by labs in both Canada and the U.S. to confirm our premium quality and therapeutic potency. Eversio’s own team, including our mycologist, pharmacist, and naturopathic doctor, verify the third party testing of our products to ensure they are the absolute best mushroom supplement products you will find on the market today. We openly share our COAs and list our high percentages of beneficial compounds right on every label for 100% confidence and transparency!


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Therapeutic Potency from Organic Fruiting Body Functional Mushroom Extracts. No Grains. No Growing Substrate. No Fillers.

Many of the mushroom supplements available today are made from un-extracted ground up mushrooms, un-extracted mycelium on grain, or alcohol based tinctures. These products are significantly lower in beneficial compounds than the mushroom extract supplements used in clinical research that verifies the power and effectiveness of functional mushrooms to address so many health concerns.

Here at Eversio Wellness, we only use extracts made from the whole fruiting bodies of outdoor grown functional mushrooms to create our products. In nature, functional mushrooms grow on wood in oxygen rich environments that offer the nutrients needed to develop their potency. Our functional mushrooms are cultivated by experts on USDA organic certified farms so that you can experience functional mushroom benefits the way Mother Nature intended. Feel the Eversio difference today!

Organic Mushroom Powdered Extract Blends for Your Favorite Healthy Routines and Recipes!

There is a misconception that mushroom supplements must taste bad. But, taste isn’t an issue with our powdered mushroom extract blends, because such a small amount is needed. Just add a 1/2 teaspoon daily to your food or beverage of choice for a full therapeutic dose of concentrated beneficial compounds. Our high potency mushroom supplement powdered blends are an excellent way to upgrade your coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, soups, bone broth, stews, and more! Eversio’s three signature blends are 90% soluble in liquid and pair well with cacao or coffee flavors, but can add umami to just about any food you can think of! Start your mushroom wellness journey with one of our “Everblends” today!

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Convenient and Effective Mushroom Supplement Capsules for People On-the-Go

For people who are always on the go, mushroom extract capsules are a convenient option.  Easy to swallow, pre-measured doses in USDA Organic Certified vegan capsules make our mushroom extracts a great option for people who don’t want to alter the taste of their food or drinks. Each of our single mushroom extract capsules contains a therapeutic dose of beneficial compounds for a simple way to support daily immune system function, brain health, energy levels, better sleep, or graceful aging! Choose the mushroom you need at this moment, and support a healthspan that matches your lifespan with just a capsule a day!

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EVERSIO’S Zero Waste Packaging

100% Home Compostable Pouches To Refill Infinitely Reusable Glass Jars


Sustainably Packaged Mushroom Supplements - Good for the Planet and its People

Our name, Eversio, comes from the Latin word meaning CHANGE. We offer positive "change" to anyone using our mushroom supplements by offering therapeutic potency from organic whole fruiting body functional mushroom extracts. But, we don’t stop there; we are also committed to sustainability and doing what we can to help reverse climate change. We are grateful to Mother Nature for providing these powerful natural medicines and we show our gratitude by offering our ZERO WASTE Planet Positive Refill System. One glass jar is all you’ll ever need! When you’re ready for more mushrooms, order your refill in our 100% Home Compostable pouches and you’ll be doing your part to contribute to a reuse economy that eliminates harmful plastic from our planet!

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Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Mushroom Supplements...

Are you still uncertain if our mushroom supplements are right for you? Read these testimonials from our valued customers who have already changed their lives with functional mushroom supplements. Check out how our mushroom capsules and powdered extract blends can upgrade your wellness today!

Easy to mix with my morning coffee!

I recently started taking the BALANCE Blend and find it easy to mix into my morning coffee. The combination provides me with a variety of benefits which I hope will keep me sharp into my late senior years.

Marilyn K.

99% Recovery With CHILL Now!

The proof is in the pudding! I took 2 capsules of Eversio Wellness CHILL Now capsules and woke up with 99% recovery! I have NEVER had 99%. WOW Eversio!

Jovan S.

The all natural pre-workout boost I need!

I swear by FOCUS Now and ENERGIZE Now to start my day! FOCUS Now gives me the mental clarity and ENERGIZE Now gives me the all natural pre-workout boost I need.

Kal S.

Finally mushroom supplements without any grains!

Most mushroom products contain a lot of grain which is why I haven't found a brand I loved .. until NOW! Excited to add Eversio Wellness to my routine.

Sharan S.

I highly recommend these products!

I have been taking ENERGIZE Now and FOCUS Now for a month. I have been feeling mentally focused, and have more energy throughout the day. I highly recommend these products.

Craig L.

CHILL Now has helped with my anxiety!

Your REISHI has completely changed my life! After taking CHILL Now for the past few months, I actually sleep through the night and it has totally helped with my anxiety.

Lindsay H.

We’re Becoming The Market’s Most Trusted Mushroom Supplement Brand

Eversio Wellness is becoming one of the most trusted mushroom supplement brands on the market today because we are a family of mushroom nerds committed to our mission to change lives through fungi. We aren’t a supplement company - we are a mushroom company and we don’t do anything else! Fungi are critical to the maintenance of our food supply, ecosystems, physical well-being, and even mental health, but they are likely the least known and most misunderstood organisms on Earth. We believe mushrooms represent an interconnectivity that our planet is ready to return to after centuries of movement toward disconnection from nature and each other. We know they have so much to offer humanity and we love to share their wisdom any chance we get. Our team of passionate and professional individuals who are experts in their fields, including a pharmacist, a mycologist, a naturopathic doctor, a registered clinical counselor, an educator, and an entrepreneur, all believe that the FUTURE IS FUNGI. Thanks for joining us on our mushroom wellness journey!

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