Earth Day - Reasons to Celebrate!

­­­­­­On April 22nd, 2021 we will join the world in celebrating the accomplishments humanity has made over the past 51 years since Earth Day was established.  This year, with a global pandemic still affecting the way we go about our day-to-day lives, we are due to focus on some good news and share some of the environmental progress that’s been made by communities, organizations and individuals of all ages in our world.  Each and every one of us has a vital role to play in the mission to get Earth healthy again, and as we all re-commit to doing our part in the year ahead it is inspiring to look back and see how far we’ve come by working toward so many common goals.

We hope you’ll follow along on Facebook and Instagram this month as we count down to Earth Day by sharing environmental success stories each day from April 1st to April 22nd.  As we look at the changes human beings have made by taking action to restore our Earth, we hope to promote the values and behaviours that will move us closer to sharing cleaner air, water and land on this beautiful planet of ours. As our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting our small family business that is committed to being a healing force for the planet and its people, we’re having a 22 DAY SALE!

From April 1st to April 22nd purchase any 2 or more of our Sustainably Packaged Organic Mushroom Extract Products (that’s all of them!) at and you’ll automatically receive 22% off your total order. No code needed - discount will be applied at checkout.

In case you were looking for a reason to love mushrooms as much as we do, check out these amazing ways fungi are doing their part to help our planet stay healthy:

  • Fungi lovingly help plants grow by supplying them with water and mineral nutrients in a mycorrhizal relationship at the root system of a plant. This is important because we need more plants growing if we want to reduce the “legacy layer” of carbon hovering over our planet.
  • Mushroom root systems (mycelium) work as nature’s communication system by sharing important nutrients and information between various plants and trees - like the internet of the forest.
  • Mushrooms work as nature’s recyclers by decomposing dead plants and animals so that we aren’t living on a planet covered in a mile-high pile of dead leaves and fallen logs.
  • Mushrooms love to eat bacteria and can even break down hydrocarbons that occur in oil making them heroes by turning inaccessible areas into useable spaces again.

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