Listen to Eversio’s Co-founder, Brandi Garden, on The Wellness Witch Podcast

This month we met with nutritionist, author, hormone-fixer-upper, and weight loss coach, Samantha Gladish to dive deep into mushrooms for menopause, stress, sleep, and libido. Samantha is the FABULOUS founder of and the host of one of Canada’s top podcasts called The Wellness Witch.

You can click HERE to listen in as we discuss what happens as we get into our forties and our resilience begins to decline. We chat about the many hormonal shifts within the perimenopause period that can create a cascade of effects that leave us feeling stressed and unbalanced.  SPOILER ALERT - medicinal mushrooms can be the magic that helps women through these hormonal shifts.

We also talk all about which types of mushrooms to take, at what times, and how much to take to ensure efficacy. With the proper medicinal mushroom protocol in place, women can move through perimenopause feeling balanced and grounded without pharmaceuticals. 

When you’ve finished listening, you can come back and read this BLOG about mushrooms and menopause to see the research and learn more! 

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