Finding BALANCE Before Burnout

Do you ever feel like society has butchered the idea of 'balance' for women?

We have normalized pushing ourselves to total burnout to achieve unattainable & often fake perceptions of 'success' in the way we look, career & motherhood accomplishments, & material possessions.

What if we returned to the very essence of balance in a more traditional sense as our success metric instead?

Like knowing when you have the capacity to push harder & pulling back without guilt when you need to rest & recover?

Like aligning ourselves with mother nature's rhythms; she teaches us about the seasons for growth & rest. Like osculating between BEing & DOing in a way that allows us to enjoy the fruits of our hard-earned accomplishments?

What if just for today, instead of pushing through, riding on caffeine & stress hormones, you took a moment to rest & recover instead?

I believe mother nature knew that we needed some support, so she gifted us with deeply nourishing adaptogenic plants to bring us back into balance when we need it.

Eversio Wellness organicΒ BALANCE 4 Mushroom Blend has therapeutic dose of:

Reishi - for when you feel chronically overwhelmed & need deep nourishment for your overtaxed adrenals. It gives you a sense of calm and helps you get into a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

Lion's Mane - for when your nervous system feels fried & you can't focus. It supports repair & regrowth of nerve cells & improved cognitive function.

Maitake & Shiitake - for when you've been pushing yourself too hard & need extra love & support for your immune system, blood sugar, & inflammatory response, which can all take a hit when we are under loads of stress.

Try adding a dollop of coconut milk to 1/2 tsp ofΒ BALANCE blend & hot water for a splash of sweetness.

Have you tried adding mushrooms to your wellness routine yet?

Be sure to choose organic & therapeutic potency for optimal health benefits!

By Annaliisa Kapp, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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