How Tremella Benefits Skin Health

Our Skin & The Aging Process

The appearance of our skin is easily one of the aspects of our health with the highest priority. Society tends to associate flawless and smooth looking skin with health and wellness, even though there is no definitive correlation between the two. Regardless, we are drawn to skin that appears hydrated and refreshed and we aspire to have these qualities as well. It’s no wonder we see trending hashtags on social media concerning this topic; how many of us are trying to achieve Hailey Bieber skin?! Although beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder, the ability to achieve the skin we desire will not only improve our confidence, but it can do wonders for our mental health and may be the difference between a good or a bad day for some individuals. Now, with all of that, you are probably wondering, “what are the best skin care supplements available?” 

Most of you have likely heard about antioxidants and how important they are for our health. They help our bodies balance out unstable molecules and lessen the negative effects they may impose on our health. When free radicals overwhelm our systems, oxidative stress may occur and progress to cellular damage. These unstable molecules, or free radicals, have the ability to alter our cells and DNA and result in premature aging and disease [1].  

Tremella mushroom fruiting body

What is the function of Tremella mushroom?

Tremella fuciformis, also known as Snow Fungus, is commonly associated with improving skin health due to its hydrating and antioxidant abilities. This functional mushroom has been used for thousands of years in China for its benefits on skin, immunity, and prevention of disease [2]. Recent research has focused on the benefits of Tremella mushrooms including the actions of inflammatory modulation, promoting wound healing, immune system support, antioxidation, anti-aging, even anti-radiation [2]. Even in the world of topical skincare and cosmetics, Tremella polysaccharides are often used as moisturizing additives [2].  

One of the most important aspects of skin care lie within the use of sunscreen. Prevention of sunspots and other forms of sun damage are essential to skin health as alterations in our barrier have the potential to lead to various forms of skin cancer and pre-mature aging. UVA radiation is one factor in our environments that can cause oxidative stress of the skin [3]. Oxidative stress plays a large role in the aging process, with both internal and external signs of aging [3]. The cause of oxidative stress is an increased level of oxidants, such as free radicals, that overwhelm the antioxidant system of the body and lead to cellular damage [3]. Aging actually leaves us more vulnerable to develop oxidative stress as biochemical and physiological processes decline and lead to an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body [4].  

Tremella Studies and Research

In scientific research, Tremella has exhibited the ability to inhibit UVA-induced photodamage of human dermal fibroblast cells by activating and upregulating certain cellular pathways [3]. Specifically, the Tremella polysaccharides were found to reduce the levels of free radicals in the skin and increase antioxidant activity [3]. Tremella was also found to increase the content of collagen I, elastin, and hyaluronic acid (HA) in the skin fibroblasts treated with UVA [3]. The presence of HA is vital to skin health as it promotes tissue hydration, but it is also involved in important cellular processes. Elastin allows tissues in our body to stretch, but then return to normal, and collagen is by far the most abundant protein in our bodies as it provides structural and mechanical support to our cells.  

Sun exposure, scarring, and other metabolic processes in the body may also result in areas of hyperpigmentation of the skin [5]. Hyperpigmented skin lesions have been a challenging priority of the skin and cosmetics industries for ages and natural alternatives, such as Tremella, are being studied for this use [5]. Melanogenesis is the process by which melanin production occurs, giving us our skin tones, however, it can occur in substandard cases, such as scar formation, which is unwanted by most individuals. Tremella has illustrated its ability to significantly reduce melanogenesis and improve wound healing, which would prevent unwanted cases of hyperpigmentation of the skin [5].  

Aside from providing hydration and anti-aging effects on the skin, Tremella has also exhibited a role in the treatment of atopic dermatitis [6]. Atopic dermatitis, more commonly referred to as eczema, is very common worldwide and can cause symptoms such as itching, skin barrier dysfunction and other immune issues that can impact quality of life [6]. Research on Tremella has illustrated its ability to beneficially regulate the immune response and gut microbiota, leading to improvement in the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis [6]. Both topical and oral routes of administration showed improvement in transdermal water loss, epidermal thickening, and swelling, but the oral form showed significantly better efficacy than just topical applications [6].   

Eversio Wellness Everglow Now 8:1 Tremella Extract

Eversio Wellness carries a high potency single mushroom extract of Tremella, known as “Everglow Now.” This mushroom extract works on improving the skin’s appearance from the inside out, and research has shown that the oral form of Tremella may be even more beneficial than topical applications. Of course, proper nutrition, quality sleep, and physical activity are vital to our overall health, but sometimes our skin needs a boost when we live in such a high-functioning society! 

By Silvana Jakupovic — BSc and 4th Year Student of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM-Boucher) 

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