Setting Eversio Wellness Apart from Other Functional Mushroom Brands

January, 28 2024 | by Dr. SILVANA JAKUPOVIC, ND

Unveiling Eversio Wellness: A Pioneering Force in Functional Mushroom Wellness

Medicinal mushroom brands have sprouted up everywhere in the burgeoning realm of functional mushrooms. However, one brand’s differentiation stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation amid the forest of options—Eversio Wellness.

Hailing from the scenic terrains of the West Coast of British Columbia, this family-owned, Canadian mushroom wellness company aims to foster a future fueled by the boundless possibilities of fungi. Eversio's wellness approach extends beyond simply offering nutritional supplements; it's a holistic vision of unique qualities that seeks to upgrade everyday moments and treat the root cause of health issues. 

Named after the Latin word for "change," Eversio offers potent therapeutic benefits and is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices. Here's a closer look at what sets Eversio Wellness apart in the mushroom industry.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

While many brands promise health benefits, Eversio takes a wellness approach that is as comprehensive as it is compelling. This family-owned and operated Canadian company embodies a 'Humanity Plus' business philosophy. They focus on holistic health by providing functional foods that enhance your well-being and contribute to sustainable and ethical living. 

Equipped with a versatile team that includes a pharmacist, a naturopathic doctor, a published mycologist, a registered clinical counsellor, an educator, and an entrepreneur, Eversio operates on a "HUMANITY PLUS" philosophy. The Eversio family is deeply connected to the rich ecology of their native British Columbia, embodying a balance between busy lives, family-raising, and a wellness lifestyle. They believe that 'The Future is Fungi', and each member is committed to the ethical practices that are helping to build that future.

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Quality Standards: The Bedrock of Eversio Wellness

When it comes to quality, Eversio sets industry-leading standards. In the mushroom industry, not all medicinal mushroom brands are created equal. What makes their products the best mushroom supplement brand? Their mushroom extract capsules and powdered extract blends are made from 100% whole fruiting bodies, certified organic, non-GMO, 100% vegan, and gluten-free. Plus, the capsules themselves are certified organic and made from mushrooms, eliminating grains and growing substrates altogether. 

Their commitment to quality continues beyond here. Each product undergoes third-party lab testing to ensure optimal potency and purity, making lab testing the "extreme sport" of the mushroom wellness world.

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Cutting-Edge Innovation and Distinctive Features

In a market filled with mushroom coffee brands and mushroom tea brands, Eversio's innovation goes beyond mushroom-based remedies. They engage in rigorous mycology research to improve formulations and packaging continually. Notably, their ZERO WASTE Planet Positive Refill System allows consumers to reuse a single glass jar for refills, delivered in 100% Home Compostable pouches. This is Eversio’s unique way of showing gratitude to Mother Nature and promoting a reuse economy and environmental stewardship.

Transparency and Education: Empowering Your Wellness Journey

Eversio goes the extra mile to educate consumers about the benefits of their products. They provide extensive information through their product labels and even share Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to ensure transparency in their herbal products. 

The labels on mushroom supplements should clearly indicate which part of the mushroom is used in the formulation. While the fruiting body serves as the reproductive organ and is rich in spores, the myceliumfunctions as the vegetative part, which typically doesn't produce spores. 

In culinary practices, the fruiting body usually gets isolated for consumption, whereas the mycelium remains integrated with its nutritional source. Products derived from mycelium often contain fillers and grains. Even though both parts have medicinal value, the fruiting body boasts a notably higher concentration of therapeutic fungal compounds.

When inspecting a product's "other ingredients" on the label, be on the lookout for any grain-based components. Terms like "full spectrum," "mycelial biomass," or "extracellular compounds" indicate that the supplement may include not just the mushroom's fruiting body and primordia but also the grain substrate upon which it grows. 

Contrary to marketing claims, "full spectrum" often signifies a diluted product. Consuming such a product would require more significant amounts to achieve the same benefits you'd get from a 100% fruiting body-based supplement. In reality, the "full spectrum" label is often a cost-cutting measure that boosts a company's profit margins.

Certificates of Analysis (COAs) serve to validate the product's potency and safety. They confirm the percentage of beneficial compounds and also screen for heavy metals and microbial content, aligning with the rigorous safety standards set by Health Canada. Compliance with these standards, indicated by an NPN (Natural Product Number), ensures that you're purchasing a product that is safe, effective, and of high quality.

Eversio outlines the importance of extraction ratios and explains the methodology behind their extraction processes, focusing on either hot water or a combination of hot water and alcohol for optimal bioavailability. Extraction ratios matter because they concentrate the valuable compounds, making them more potent and effective. Some mushrooms require both hot water and alcohol extraction to release their full therapeutic potential, as they contain compounds soluble in either water or alcohol, but not both.

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Therapeutic Benefits and Nutritional Richness

Functional mushrooms have been revered for their healing properties and roles as natural remedies in traditional medicine. Whether it is immune system support or overall health enhancement, the bottom line is Eversio provides a nutrient-rich solution to your health needs. Through their mycotherapy offerings, Eversio is positioned to be a leader in the nutraceuticals market, targeting the root cause of health problems rather than offering mere symptomatic relief.

A Global Vision Rooted in Local Expertise

Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Eversio Wellness is expanding its footprint beyond Canada, aiming for a global presence. They source their mushrooms based on quality and engage in sustainable sourcing practices, conducting rigorous screening and auditing of suppliers.

Why Choose Eversio Wellness?

Eversio Wellness is not just another mushroom company; it's a brand that epitomizes the future of functional fungi. Their ethical practices, commitment to quality, and dedication to innovation set them apart. With a focus on holistic wellness, herbal wellness, functional wellness, and sustainable living, Eversio is the go-to choice for anyone committed to a wellness lifestyle filled with natural health and herbal supplementation.

As functional mushrooms and herbal medicine continue to penetrate the wellness industry, it's crucial to align yourself with a brand that not only promises but also delivers. Whether you are at the beginning of your wellness journey or looking to elevate it, Eversio Wellness is poised to be your ideal companion, offering potent, pure, and ethical wellness solutions.

Make the change today and experience the profound positive shifts that Eversio Wellness can bring to your life. Welcome to a future where fungi rule and wellness prevails. Welcome to Eversio.

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