The Balance With Britt Podcast: Supporting your Mind-Gut Connection with Medicinal Mushrooms with Desiree Caruso ND from Eversio Wellness

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In this weeks episode Britt chats with Desiree Caruso, Naturopathic advisor for Eversio Wellness, a medicinal mushroom company based out of British Columbia, Canada. In this episode Britt and Desiree chat all about the mind-gut connection and how we can support our mind-gut connection with medicinal mushrooms.Β 

Desiree was first introduced to functional mushrooms after a mild traumatic brain injury changed her life, leaving her with years of pain and concussion symptoms. She believes our most challenging experiences can be the most rewarding, and is passionate about brain health, health optimization, and how functional mushrooms can support the moments we find ourselves in.

β€’Β Desiree describes the mind-gut connection

β€’Β Signs and symptoms that gut health is off and may be playing a role in your mental health

β€’Β Why gut health is important for a healthy foundation

β€’Β Medicinal mushrooms vs psychedelic mushrooms

β€’Β Three medicinal mushrooms that are supportive of the mind-gut connection and why

β€’Β The connection between the immune system and the gut

β€’Β How you can get stuck in a stress cycle

β€’Β How to shop for a good quality mushroom supplement

β€’Β Can you layer on different medicinal mushrooms

β€’Β How long should you take medicinal mushrooms to notice a benefit


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