Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts

Welcome, mushroom enthusiasts, fungi lovers, and mushroom lovers alike! With the holiday season just around the corner and Black Friday deals everywhere you look, it's the perfect time to explore the fascinating world of mushroom products that can enhance your well-being. In this blog, we'll dive into the diverse range of offerings from Eversio Wellness, a brand dedicated to harnessing the power of mushrooms for a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you're a seasoned mushroom lover or just beginning to explore the wonders of fungi, Eversio Wellness has a wide range of high-quality products to enhance your wellness journey, including mushroom supplement capsules and mushroom powder blends. Eversio Wellness has carefully curated a holiday gift guide collection that caters to your needs, from immune-boosting extracts to stress-relieving blends. So, get ready to elevate your well-being and discover the power of mushrooms this Black Friday!

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1)    AWAKEN Blend – Organic 3 Mushroom Extracts Blend

Introducing the AWAKEN Blend, a powerful combination of organic turkey tail mushroom extract, cordyceps mushroom extract, and lion’s mane mushroom extract. This premium mushroom powder extract blend is designed to kickstart your day with a healthy mindset. By adding just 1/2 teaspoon of this potent blend to your morning routine, whether it's in your smoothies, teas, coffees, oatmeal, chia pudding, or yogurt, you'll be supporting your immune system, energy levels, and brain function, setting the stage for a successful day ahead. Say goodbye to caffeine and hello to a natural energy and brain boost. 

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2)    CHILL Now – Organic Reishi Mushroom 15:1 Dual Extract Capsules

For those seeking stress resistance and inner calmness, there's no better way to start than with a deep breath and a daily dose of premium reishi medicinal mushrooms found in CHILL Now. The organic reishi mushroomextract is a potent adaptogen, supporting stress management, immune function, and improved sleep. Renowned across cultures for their calming properties, reishi mushrooms have been utilized as supplements to soothe the mind, alleviate anxiety, treat insomnia, and counteract the effects of stress on both body and mind.

Eversio Wellness’ product CHILL Now features high-potency reishi mushroom supplement capsules packed with bioactive compounds, including beta-glucans, which act as potent immune system modulators, aiding in the defense against viruses and other foreign invaders. Reishi mushrooms are also celebrated for their ability to combat signs of aging, safeguarding cellular DNA and mitochondria from oxidative damage while reducing skin oxidation that can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration. Once reserved exclusively for royalty, reishi earned the moniker's "herb of longevity" and "mushroom of immortality" due to its extensive list of health benefits.

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Reishi Mushroom Supplements.

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3)    FOCUS Now – Organic Lion’s Mane 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules

With a potent:1 dual extract of lion’s mane mushroom extract, these capsules contain a therapeutic dose of beneficial compounds that support mental agility and offer a range of benefits, including improved memory, concentration, productivity, and gut health.

FOCUS Now promotes NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), which plays a crucial role in maintaining and organizing neurons within the central nervous system. Additionally, it aids in producing myelin sheaths, the protective layer around nerves, resulting in faster and more efficient transmission of impulses along nerve cells.

Recent studies have highlighted the potential of Lion's Mane medicinal mushrooms, particularly the active compounds in their fruiting bodies, as a promising preventive treatment for cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, and other neurodegenerative diseases. The ability of these compounds to cross the blood-brain barrier contributes to their effectiveness in promoting brain health. 

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Lion's Mane Mushroom Extracts.

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4)    BALANCE Blend – Organic 4 Mushroom Extracts Blend

Introducing our remarkable BALANCE Blend from Eversio Wellness, a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich mushroom extracts carefully formulated to counteract the effects of excessive stress and tension. With just half a teaspoon of this potent blend, you'll experience the full therapeutic benefits of reishi mushroom extract, lion’s mane mushroom extract, maitake mushroom extract, and shiitake mushroom extract. Strengthen your immune system, enhance cognitive function, find relief from stress, and improve the quality of your sleep. 

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5)    ENERGIZE Now – Organic Cordyceps 8:1 Extract Capsules 

Make cordyceps mushroom extract a part of your regimen to kickstart your day or boost your energy before a workout. Embracing the natural energy support of cordyceps may allow you to forgo your mid-day caffeine or sugar fix. This organic cordyceps mushroom extract functions by increasing ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the primary energy currency in our cells.

Research suggests that the active compounds in cordyceps medicinal mushroom supplements can also protect against viral infections and are associated with increased libido. Cordyceps mushrooms have various benefits, including relieving asthma and bronchitis and accelerating muscle recovery. 

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts.

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6)    REJUVENATE Blend – Organic 6 Mushroom Extracts Blend

Introducing our REJUVENATE therapeutic grade mushroom blend, carefully crafted with equal proportions of extract from six remarkable functional mushrooms renowned for their exceptional levels of ergothioneine, terpenes, and triterpenes - the ultimate anti-aging powerhouses.

This combination of oyster, chaga, tremella, lion's mane, shiitake, and maitake mushroom extracts forms a potent anti-aging blend, combating various age-related conditions by penetrating the core of our cells, where the aging process occurs, and diminishing damage to mitochondrial DNA. Incorporate 1/2 teaspoon of this blend into your preferred food or beverage and revel in the all-natural rejuvenation.

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7)    DEFEND Now – Organic Turkey Tail 12:1 Extract Capsules

For over three decades, Turkey Tail has been utilized alongside radiation and chemotherapy treatments, thanks to its abundant reserves of specialized antioxidants known as Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK) and Polysaccharide peptide (PSP).

Japan has published over 400 clinical studies highlighting the immune-boosting advantages of turkey tail. Notably, a particular study demonstrated that PSP significantly enhanced the survival rate of individuals with specific cancer types. Patients receiving PSP exhibited a remarkable remission rate of 72%, surpassing the control group undergoing chemotherapy alone, which only achieved a remission rate of 42%. Moreover, DEFEND Now Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules boast a remarkable content of verified beta-glucans (53%), making it a potent ally in combating various foreign agents that can induce illness. 

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract.

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8)    PROTECT Now – Organic Chaga 8:1 Dual Extract Capsules

Remarkably, Chaga has demonstrated its ability to assist individuals with psoriasis and its associated arthritis, known as psoriatic arthritis. A Russian study involving 50 psoriasis patients revealed that consistent use of Chaga extracts led to complete recovery in 14 patients, while the others experienced significant improvements, all without any adverse effects! 

The benefits of Chaga mushrooms have been celebrated since ancient times, tracing back as far as the 1200s, transcending numerous cultures and generations. Although not referred to as an adaptogen, these groups recognized its capacity to help their bodies adapt to environmental stress, promoting healthier skin and alleviating lung issues.

We understand that Chaga mushrooms, like those employed in PROTECT Now, derive their extraordinary properties, including triterpenoids and betulinic acid, from the birch trees on which they flourish. The birch trees serve as a betulin source, which ultimately infiltrates the Chaga mushroom as it expands outward from the tree. It's worth noting that Chaga mushroom powder extracts cultivated on grain lack beneficial compounds, as they lack a betulin source, leading to mycelium growth on grain without sclerotia. 

PROTECT Now from Eversio is an efficacious and potent mushroom supplement featuring organic Chaga whole sclerotia medicinal mushrooms. Utilizing an 8:1 dual extract, this supplement ensures a therapeutic dosage of all beneficial compounds encapsulated within a single capsule.

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9)    EVERGLOW Now – Organic Tremella Mushroom 8:1 Extract Capsules

While it's true that you could delight the mushroom enthusiasts in your life with classic gifts like mushroom books, mushroom cultivation kits, or mushroom art, why not take their passion to the next level by incorporating mushroom supplements from Eversio Wellness into your mushroom gift sets?

Combining traditional favorites with these innovative supplements can create a genuinely unique mushroom gift this holiday season. Eversio Wellness offers a range of high-quality mushroom supplements that provide excellent health benefits derived from nature's fungi.

By adding these supplements to your mushroom gift sets, you not only enhance the recipient's mycology experience but also offer them the opportunity to explore the remarkable potential of mushrooms in promoting wellness and vitality. It's a thoughtful and extraordinary way to show appreciation for their love of mushrooms while introducing them to new dimensions of their favorite fungi.

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Tremella Mushroom Extract Capsules.

Tremella mushrooms possess the remarkable ability to retain a significant amount of water, exceeding their weight, thanks to their gelatinous structure and rich beta-glucan content. When consumed, these mushrooms offer hydration to the skin, functioning akin to the potent moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid. As a result, mushroom skincare, notably featuring the benefits of tremella mushrooms, has gained tremendous popularity in North America, attracting attention from fashion magazines and articles.

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Chaga Mushroom Extract Capsules.

The consistent usage of a mushroom supplement such as EVERGLOW Now Tremella Mushroom Capsules has demonstrated remarkable effects in improving skin condition and combating signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration. Recent research further illuminates the extensive range of benefits offered by tremella mushrooms. Apart from their impact on skin health, these mushrooms have been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties, bolster the immune system, enhance brain health, regulate cholesterol levels, and support bone health. 

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