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Therapeutic Grade Medicinal Mushrooms for Every Moment

Introducing our mushroom extract capsules and mushroom extract blends crafted from whole fruiting body medicinal mushrooms. Our mushrooms are grown outdoors on wood on USDA Organic certified farms, harvested at maturity, and carefully extracted to isolate and concentrate beneficial compounds.

We proudly share levels of Beta-D-Glucans, Terpenes, Triterpenes, Ergothioneine, Adenosine, Cordycepin, Ganoderic Acids, Betulinic Acid, and PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) so that you can trust you’re getting a therapeutic dose of the highest potency mushroom supplements for the greatest health benefits. That’s the Eversio difference!

Medicinal Mushrooms Extracts vs. Powders: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of medicinal mushroom based supplements available to consumers seeking mushrooms for wellness - powdered mushrooms and extracts. It’s important to know there’s a big difference between the two and how each can offer the health benefits of mushrooms. Here are the facts:

Extracts are concentrated sources of beneficial medicinal compounds. They are made from dried mushroom fruiting bodies where the most important medicinal mushroom compounds are found in the highest concentrations. All of the mushroom fiber is removed during extraction, leaving behind only the good stuff researchers are interested in studying for medical use. The extraction process uses hot water or alcohol or both to isolate and make bioavailable the compounds that were locked inside the chitin wall of the dried mushroom. There is no grain or other growing substrate included in an extract, and all impurities are removed in the extraction process. A very small amount of extract consumed daily over a prolonged period of time is needed to experience benefits.

Powders are usually composed of a combination of fruiting bodies and mycelium entangled with growing substrate (various types of grain). It’s impossible to separate mycelium from the grain it’s grown on, so grain is always included in lab grown mycelium based mushroom powder products. All of the constituents of the medicinal mushrooms and grains, including the fiber, protein and vitamins remain intact during the drying and grinding (or micronization) processes of powders. The grain is unfortunately included in the final powdered product and impurities can also remain. Powders contain nutrition, but they offer very small quantities of beneficial medicinal compounds. Therefore, large servings are required to experience benefits over a prolonged period of time. This can become very expensive.

Mushroom Supplements:
It’s All We Do!

Eversio Wellness is a family owned and operated mushroom wellness company based in British Columbia, Canada. We aren’t a giant supplement company with tons of products - mushrooms are all we do! All of our mushroom supplements are organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. The medicinal mushrooms we use are cultivated outdoors on wood on USDA Organic Certified Farms to ensure no growth enhancers, pesticides, or other chemicals are used. We test, formulate, encapsulate, and package every mushroom extract right here in beautiful BC.

We control the quality of the organic medicinal mushrooms we work with by sourcing them from around the world based on the highest quality available. Rigorous screening and auditing of our suppliers is followed by extensive safety and potency testing as per our own specifications by labs in Vancouver, BC and California. We do this so that you can feel confident about the premium quality and therapeutic potency of every medicinal mushroom extract product supplied by us.

Why Include Medicinal Mushrooms in Your Wellness Routine?

Medicinal mushrooms are having a moment because they offer two of the things we all need most right now: LONG TERM STRESS SUPPORT + LONG TERM IMMUNE SUPPORT. Humanity has never been more stressed, and we have never been so interested in immune system health as we are today. Eversio addresses both concerns by offering therapeutic grade products in a therapeutic dose. However, these mushrooms can offer so much more…

Speed Up Your Recovery and Prevent Chronic Illness

Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and Turkey Tail can speed up recovery from various health conditions. Both of these functional mushrooms strengthen the immune system while preventing and fighting infections. Reishi increases the activity of natural killer cells and improves lymphocyte function needed for fighting tumors and preventing cancer cell growth. High quality reishi products will list triterpenes on the label and these are the compounds responsible for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Turkey Tail is commonly used alongside radiation and chemotherapy treatments for patients fighting cancer. Look for verified levels of PSP in Turkey Tail as research shows it is what can help activate pro-inflammatory responses to eliminate pathogens and keep cells healthy.

Feel More Energized in Body and Mind

Mushroom supplements that contain the medicinal mushrooms cordyceps and lion's mane are great for boosting energy and focus. Studies show that Cordyceps can increase the amount of oxygen the blood is able to absorb, which can then improve muscle function and endurance. Athlete’s started paying attention to this medicinal mushroom in 1993 when the women’s track and field team from China broke multiple records and attributed their success to use of cordyceps supplements. Lion's Mane mushroom supplements are a favorite of biohackers because they offer mental clarity without the crash of caffeine and can help to enhance productivity, memory, and focus. Combining both in a mushroom supplement regimen can help you have the physical and mental agility you need to achieve your goals at the office and the gym!

Protect DNA from Damage and Fight the Signs of Aging

Medicinal mushrooms like chaga can be effective in preventing free radical damage to our DNA, which can cause premature aging. Some research shows that the beneficial compounds in chaga are able to have a regulating effect on genes that are responsible for DNA repair, which results in an overall reduction in DNA damage. Chaga has an incredibly high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value - one of the highest in the world - and this means it’s really good at neutralizing free radicals. The aging process can speed up when we expose ourselves to “oxidants” - reactive molecules produced in our bodies (often related to a poor diet) and in the environment that can cause disease and inflammation. Antioxidants like those in chaga are molecules that protect us from oxidants and reduce the signs of aging related to cell damage over time.


There’s a Mushroom Supplement For Every Moment!

Each one of our mushroom supplement products has been formulated to be potent, effective, and highly bioavailable and our mushroom extracts offer MANY health benefits.

While mushroom supplements are primarily used for immune system strength and modulation, that’s just one of the dozens of benefits they can offer.

Medicinal Mushroom Extracts can also be used to increase healthy brain function, stimulate natural energy, provide cardiovascular support, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

Our Extracts Come From Whole Fruiting Body Medicinal Mushrooms

We chose to use this part of the mushroom lifecycle for a few reasons:

  • BIOAVAILABILITY: Extracted beneficial compounds from the fruiting bodies of medicinal mushrooms are highly bioavailable and easily digested whether taken as mushroom capsules or powdered extract blends
  • LOW ALLERGENIC POTENTIAL: Some mushroom supplements contain common allergens because they are produced on grain and include fillers. Fruiting body mushroom allergies are extremely rare, and their extracts have very low immunogenic potential
  • EFFICACY: Support for immune function, increased energy, or brain health is often sought from isolated single compound supplements. But, medicinal mushrooms offer an entourage effect by providing many different beneficial compounds working synergistically to give your body what it needs to achieve optimal health. Their combined profiles complement each other to deliver a super-supplement affecting many systems all at once

How Beneficial Compounds In Medicinal Mushrooms Work:

Our mushroom supplements are made from extracts that contain all of the naturally occurring water and alcohol soluble compounds found in medicinal mushrooms in the right quantities to enhance your health and performance. Each of the beneficial compounds in our single mushroom capsules or multi mushroom blends plays an important role in supporting your body:

  • Fungal Beta-D-Glucans - complex polysaccharides that interact with macrophages to activate and modulate immune function
  • PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) - protein bound polysaccharide from turkey tail mushrooms that is used in many countries as an anti-tumor drug - enhances the body’s own use of macrophages and t-lymphocytes
  • Ergothioneine - considered a “longevity vitamin” - a micronutrient amino acid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties - mitigates oxidative damage and prevents chronic diseases of aging
  • Adenosine - one of the four nucleoside building blocks of RNA that modulates many physiological processes including regulation of blood flow to organs through vasodilation
  • Cordycepin - extracted from cordyceps militaris and similar to adenosine, with anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Terpenoids
    • Ganoderic Acid - a terpenoid found in reishi with therapeutic potential to kill tumor cells, release antihistamine, inhibit angiotensin (lowering blood pressure), inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol, and prevent damage to the liver (hepatoprotective)
    • Triterpenoids - antioxidative effects protecting cells against free radical damage
    • Betulinic Acid - a triterpenoid found in chaga with antiretroviral (stops a virus from replicating in the body), antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties


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