Coconut Chai Latte with 3 Mushroom Blend

January, 6 2024 | by EASTON GILOWSKI

Create a rich and velvety coconut chai latte, enhanced with the subtle earthy notes and health benefits of mushroom extracts. The result is a beverage thatΒ warms your soul and supports your overall well-being.

Whether you're a chai enthusiast looking to try something new or someone seeking the potential health benefits of mushrooms in a delightful drink, this Coconut Chai Latte with Eversio's 3 Mushroom Blend is the perfect choice. So, grab your favorite mug, gather your ingredients, and let's get started on this intriguing journey of flavors and wellness.

coconut chai latte


1/2 cup chai concentrate

1/2 cup pure coconut milk (or almond milk)Β 

1 tsp Eversio Wellness 3 Mushroom Blend (or other blend of choice!)Β 

1/4 cup coconut cream (preference is organic canned, no additives)Β 

Optional: Top with cinnamonΒ 


1. Add your chai concentrate and milk to a small saucepan over low-medium heat and allow it to heat up.Β 

2. AddΒ your mushroom blend to your mug and pour over the heated chai mixture using a handheld frother or whisk to blend it together.

3. Open coconut cream and use a frother or handheld mixer to create coconut foam for the top of your latteΒ 

4. Pour coconut foam over chai mixture, and finish with a dash of cinnamon! Delicious!Β 

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