Eversio Wellness: Standing Out Among Functional Mushroom Brands

When you go to the vitamin section of a store, you will see many different supplements to choose from. It is impressive and makes you feel amazed. We are fortunate to live in a time that grants us the luxury of choice. 

When you are standing in front of the functional mushroom section what do you look for when making your selection? Value? Potency? Quality?

What makes Eversio Wellness the brand that surpasses the others you are looking at? 

We Grow our Mushrooms on Wood, Just Like Mother Nature Intended

At Eversio Wellness, our passion is mushrooms. We passionately source mushrooms grown on wood, just like you would find them in nature. Mushrooms grown on wood can consume the precursors to the beneficial compounds we are seeking in our mushroom supplements.

Many other companies grow their mushrooms on grain. When was the last time you were on a hike and saw some mushrooms sitting in a bag of grain? Mushrooms grown on grain are less potent and less pure than those grown on wood.

Fruiting Body Only

Unlike other companies who grow their mushrooms on grain, at Eversio Wellness we utilize the whole fruiting body in our extracts. When a mushroom grows on grain, the mycelium network cannot be separated from the grain it grows on. 

This means your mushroom supplement will be diluted by the grain it is grown on and ultimately less potent and less pure. Mushrooms grown on wood can be easily separated from their host. By using only the fruiting body, you get the therapeutic benefits of the fungi.

mushroom extracts not mushroom powders

Eversio Wellness Products are Extracts, not Powders

To get the beneficial compounds from medicinal mushrooms, you need to use hot water and alcohol extraction. This helps make them easier for your body to use. Some of these compounds include beta-D-glucans, terpenes, and betulinic acid. 

We turn our mushrooms into a powder, extract and concentrate the beneficial parts, and then dry them into a powder again. You are left with superior, potent mushroom supplements that are therapeutically dosed with high extraction ratios to optimize the results you seek. 

Certified Organic, Free from GMOs, Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Tested by Independent Third Party

Eversio Wellness believes in being 100% transparent about the purity and potency of our mushrooms. We offer information on the beneficial substances found in our mushroom supplements. This includes details on how these substances are extracted and any additional ingredients required for stability. We also provide lab test results and the recommended daily dose as recommended by Health Canada.

This information is designed to assist you in selecting the most suitable products for your needs. This helps you choose the right products for you. Our mushrooms are organically certified, GMO free, vegan (including vegan capsules!!), gluten free and grain free. 

Planet Positive Refill System

Supplement aisles are FULL of plastic bottles! It is like a sea of plastic! This is where Eversio Wellness stands out from the crowd!

Eversio Wellness is so proud to offer a planet positive, zero waste refill system! Our glass jars are the perfect container to keep your mushrooms safe from moisture and light and are infinitely reusable. 

When you need to refill your supply, we have 100% home compostable refill pouches! You can purchase your compostable pouch and use it to refill your glass jar and you are good to go! No more waste to the landfill, no more plastic bottles to recycle! 

Brandi and Craig Garden Eversio Wellness CoFounders

Owned and Managed by Canadians

Brandi and Craig are the co-founders of our small family-owned mushroom wellness company located in sunny Surrey, BC! They are determined Mushroom Warriors who want to use fungi to improve lives. They are enthusiastic about revealing the healing powers of different species hidden by Mother Nature.

We are Canadian and happy to sell our mushrooms to people in North America. We hope Eversio Wellness can be popular worldwide one day.  

A Mushroom for Every Moment

Feeling like you are lacking energy? Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Needing some help boosting your immunity? At Eversio Wellness, we offer a mushroom supplement to support areas of your life that require extra care.

Truly a mushroom for every moment! Mushroom supplements are a safe and natural choice for the health-conscious person looking to optimize their health. Eversio Wellness mushroom supplements are easy to take in therapeutic doses, so you don't have to consume many pills daily.

We Are Fascinated by Fungi

Have you checked out the extensive amounts of education available on the Eversio Wellness website? We give each mushroom we sell a platform to highlight the amazing health benefits they provide.

We provide informative blogs and studies on medicinal mushrooms to help you decide if you should take them. We post videos on our website and social media to share information about our products. We want to explain why we think they are the best.

Value, potency, and quality! The Trifecta! 

Eversio Wellness embodies value, potency, and quality with the products they put into the market. Our products have therapeutic doses, so you need to take less each day compared to other brands. This means you get the same benefits while spending less money each month.

Our products have the highest quality and we back them with our organic certification. Each product comes with a 3rd party tested COA, and we use a dual extraction process.

Our products are of high quality and have organic certification. Each product comes with a 3rd party tested COA. We use a dual extraction process.

We only use the fruiting body of the mushrooms. These mushrooms grow on wood and contain high levels of beta-d-glucans and other important bioactive compounds. Forget about the low-quality mushroom supplement made from grain. Instead, pay attention to Eversio Wellness' amazing and eco-friendly system that guarantees you're getting the most value for your money.

We are changing the world through fungi! Join us!

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