Let’s Learn about M – U – S – H – R – O – O – M – S!

Here's a fun mnemonic device that you might find helpful when learning about all the benefits of Functional Mushrooms! 

M & U – IMmUnity – Health Canada confirms that all functional mushroom are “immunomodulators”. This means functional mushrooms target biochemical pathways in your body that help support immune function by positively modifying the immune system’s ability to react and persevere when faced with a threat. So it doesn’t matter if you have an autoimmune disease, immunity issues or being in a pandemic wanting to strengthen your general immunity, we can all benefit from taking functional mushrooms.

S – Stress! While stress can be interpreted as the feelings you get before you have to give a presentation, or having lots of work to do, from a medical standpoint stress is any type of stimulus that induces a physical, emotional, or psychological response in your body. This means anything from excessive exercise, temperature changes or injury can cause stress to your body. The second medicinal action that Health Canada approves on its mushroom monograph, are their “adaptogenic” properties. Functional mushrooms can help your body better adapt to stressful stimuli, ensuring higher adaptability and achieving an overall healthier outcome.  

H & RReisHi mushrooms, my favourite functional mushroom! It’s so special it is the only mushroom that gets a special shout out today. They are particularly indicated for the respiratory system and have been used for viral infections such as flus, and lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis. From a purely narrative medicine perspective, Reishi has been a constant companion in my life since I was a kid. After decades of use, my initially severe asthma and allergies have significantly improved to the point that the attacks are almost non – existent! Beyond respiratory conditions, Reishi is also a very strong adaptogen and immunomodulator.

O & O –  OxidatiOn is a biochemical phenomenon that occurs in your body when molecules lose electrons. At a molecular level, when cells undergo oxidative stress, it usually results in abnormal functioning or complete inability to function. In grander terms, oxidation is associated with the development of many diseases, causing widespread dysfunction throughout your body. Good thing functional mushrooms are anti – oxidants! This means they protect your cells against all this oxidative damage caused by free radicals!

M – inflaMmation: Although inflammation is necessary for our body to begin its healing journey, excessive inflammation can lead to severe chronic problems. Functional mushrooms contain many constituents such as triterpenes that are anti – inflammatory. 

I hope this information was easily digestible! Once again, I am a huge fan of Eversio Wellness’ CHILL, which contains 15:1 Reishi Mushroom Extract. For those with any kind of respiratory issues, I highly recommend giving this a try … it completely changed my life!

Written by: Dan L. – 2nd Year Student of Naturopathic Medicine, CCNM

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