Meditation with a Side of Mushrooms

These days it feels as though there’s a new scientific study singing the praises of meditation released every week.  I can attest to the fact that it is one of the best life hacks out there. I’m hoping that the generations behind us will learn to get better at life by being introduced to meditation at younger ages as they grow up in a post pandemic world, scarred by so much need for re-connection and mental health awareness.  Our world could use more great meditators now more than ever before. 

If you’re a meditator you already know that this practice can have a big impact on quality of sleep, daytime energy levels, and less stress (and anxiety) overall.  Some people notice that incorporating meditation into their regular morning routine makes them feel more connected to their intuition throughout the day ahead, which often results in better relationships with others and nature.  This is kind of a big deal – and leaves me wondering one thing; why isn’t EVERYONE doing it?

It turns out many people think they can’t mediate because they’ve tried it once or twice and it didn’t go well. People assume that meditation is an act being still and clearing the mind, and when they realize it’s near impossible to do that, they feel as though they’ve failed, and they give up on trying.  The truth is that the mind thinks involuntarily, just like your hair grows involuntarily.  I’ve been trying to get the hair on my legs to stop growing so quickly for years – but no matter how hard I try to command it to stop, it just keeps on growing. Arg! The mind is no different.  You can try to force it to stop thinking, but it wasn’t designed that way and you will make yourself crazy if you try to “clear your mind” while meditating.

My best advice is to find a great teacher – there are many out there all over the world these days – and to choose a style of meditation that works for you and your lifestyle.  If you are a busy person already feeling lost for time in a hectic world, I’m guessing adding hours of monk inspired meditation isn’t an option for you (or me). But, there are plenty of busy people (even busier than you) who take fifteen or twenty minutes each morning to make sure that their brain is optimized for everything it will encounter in the day ahead before they even leave their bedroom. Committing to a quick and easy version of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting (I like the ZIVA technique) to start the day costs nothing and is an option for everyone.  The ability is in all of us.

Your brain is an incredible tool that needs to be maintained just like the other parts of your body that you would never consider ignoring. Would you ever choose to just stop brushing your teeth? Or never have another shower? If you are someone that is working on developing the body shape you desire, you know you have to incorporate a consistent fitness and nutrition routine in order to obtain or maintain the body you wish to have. So, it only makes sense to take our brains to the gym, too! Meditation is one way we can do that. (Adding Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts to your supplement routine is another way to support your brain!)

If you’re struggling with calm and connection during meditation and really want to up your tranquility game to increase your potential for spiritual radiance, adding REISHI mushroom extract (like CHILL capsules or BALANCE blend by Eversio Wellness) to your wellness routine can help.  Reishi is well-known as the Mushroom of Immortality and The Mushroom of Spiritual Potency in many cultures. There is plenty of evidence-based research out there on the many physical health benefits that can be enjoyed by using reishi mushrooms, but the way it works on spiritual energy (or as the Chinese say – Shen) is what makes it pair well with meditation. 

Ancient societies believed that reishi went to the heart channel, which in Chinese medicine houses the “Shen” or spiritual light.  When taken daily over a prolonged period of time, many people report they begin to notice they’ve acquired a new sense of calm or peacefulness that is welcomed with open arms.  Can you imagine if the whole world was including reishi in their daily routine along with meditation to bring in more harmony with others, the natural world and themselves?  Oh, what a wonderful world it would be. Namaste.

~ Brandi Garden

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