Medicinal Mushrooms: A Meditating and Manifesting Tool, It's Healing Power and Impact on Mental Health with Eversio Wellness

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The UPPER LIMIT podcast, with Jericha Szlo teaches you how to make your brain work WITH you, rather than AGAINST you, so that you can optimize your happiness, self love and mental well-being.

Jericha is on a mission to bring awareness to the fact that struggle is only a result of poor communication between you and your brain; learn to make your brain work with you, rather than against you. I take a holistic approach to wiring your brain for more happiness, self-love, and overall mental well-being, utilizing principles rooted in Neuroscience and Brain Health.

In today's episode we chat with the Co-Founder and Naturopathic Doctor from Eversio Wellness, on medicinal mushrooms and their healing power for better mental and physical well-being, how mushrooms can help you meditate and manifest better, the up and coming research on Psilocybin and "Magic Mushrooms" in regards to mental health, common myths surrounding medicinal mushrooms, and so much more!Β 

Episode timeline

[00:00:01] - Intro

[00:02:31] - The Making & Journey of Eversio Wellness

[00:10:13] - The Healing Power of Medicinal Mushrooms with Disease & the Body

[00:18:27] - Medicinal Mushrooms & the Impact on Mental Health

[00:30:01] - The Rising Research of Psilocybin and β€œMagic Mushrooms”

[00:45:00] - Manifest by Responding to a New Mind

[00:50:41] - Joe Dispenza Retreat & Meditating with Mushrooms

[00:58:25] - Myths about Mushrooms

[01:04:11] - Outro

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