Mushrooms and Men's Health - Ep. 6


In this episode, Eversio Co-founder, Brandi Garden and Dr. Desiree Caruso, ND dive deep into a topic that’s critical yet often overlooked: Mushrooms for Men’s Health!
So, whether you’re planning on tuning in for yourself, your partner, or a loved one, this episode is packed with valuable information that might surprise you and will definitely help you understand just how different men and women truly are when it comes to our health and wellness.
Obviously - We’re women - we aren’t men, so you might be thinking - what the heck are we doing talking about men’s health?
We both have some incredible men in our lives whose health and wellness is of great importance to us - so the topics we discuss here come up quite a bit in our day to day lives.
Join us and you will learn all about how medicinal mushrooms can support heart disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases, sexual and reproductive health, and for sure men’s mental health.


If you are a man in need of help with your mental health, we highly recommend connecting with the awesome humans at HeadsUpGuys!


"Heads Up Guys" is an initiative aimed at raising awareness and providing resources to support men’s mental health.

It was developed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, specifically through the Men's Depression and Suicide Network within the university's Faculty of Medicine.

"Heads Up Guys" plays a crucial role in addressing the mental health crisis among men. Men are often less likely to seek help for mental health issues due to societal expectations, stigma, and the perception that they should be self-reliant.

By providing targeted resources, support, and education, "Heads Up Guys" helps men recognize the importance of mental health, seek help when needed, and build healthier, more resilient lives.

For more information, you can visit their website at, where you'll find a wealth of resources and support options tailored specifically for men’s mental health.

The program addresses the unique challenges and stigma men face regarding mental health and encourages them to seek help and support.  

Sending love and light!

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