Mushrooms, the Immune System, and Autoimmune Disease - Ep. 4

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In this episode, Brandi and Desiree talk all about the immune system, immunomodulators, autoimmune disease, and functional mushrooms.

They discuss which mushrooms are best for supporting the immune system, and how they can be supportive of health in many aspects. They also differentiate between the different types of beta-D-glucans, and discuss how fungal and cereal beta-glucans behave VERY differently in the body. 

The episode concludes with a heartfelt conversation about the importance of mind-body connection and how this affects how all systems of the body work together.

Whether you are someone looking for ways to manage the treatment of an autoimmune condition with help from natural therapies or you are interested in improving your overall immune system strength and resilience, this episode is for you! 

Many of us struggle to "break up" with pharmaceuticals that have too many side effects or cost too much. Others have found ways to use them only when needed. Whatever your experience, we want you to know that we aren't anti-pharmaceutical - we just believe in a holistic approach to prevention and well-being that includes...

MORE FUNGI, less pharma!


Enjoy the episode and let us know what you you'd like to hear us discuss next time!

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