The Balance with Britt Podcast: Harnessing the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms for Balancing Thyroid Health, PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue, Menopause and Estrogen Dominance with Eversio Wellness

This week on the podcast, Britt chats with Brandi Garden,Β  co-founder of Eversio Wellness and Eversio Labs, two family-owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness companies with a mission to change lives through fungi, and Desiree Caruso, Eversio's on staff ND advisor. They're both passionate advocates for improved sustainability in the wellness space and for the daily use of medicinal mushrooms as preventative medicine and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

In this episode, listen in as Britt, Brandi & Desiree chatΒ about

β€’ What medicinal mushrooms are and how they're different from culinary and psychedelic mushroomsΒ 

β€’ The research and uses of medicinal mushrooms in thyroid balance

β€’ PCOS and Chaga, Reishi & Maitaike (and the research behind it)

β€’ Supporting adrenal health with medicinal mushrooms

β€’ Menopause/ peri menopause and medicinal mushroom supportΒ 

β€’ What to look for in a good quality mushroom supplementΒ 

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