Mushrooms for Neurogenesis, Cognitive Function, and Brain Health - Ep. 2

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In this episode,Β Brandi and Desiree talk all about the structure of our brains, brain health, neurogenesis, cognitive function, a bit of meditation, and, of course, MUSHROOMS!

They discuss which mushrooms are best for supporting the healthy function of the brain and what they expect to see in the future of research around mushrooms, their neuroprotective effects, and how they can benefit our mental health.

Get ready to NERD OUT about neurons and the nervous system in this awesome episode that will leave you thinking about your thoughts and more mindful about your mind!


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  • Karen on May 06, 2024

    These podcasts are so amazing. So glad you are putting them out there to educate more and more people. We need these mushrooms in our lives. My husband and I have all your mushrooms and take them daily. Many thanks again for such pure and clean products.

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