What is the Eversio Experience? A Trip Down Mushroom Lane - Ep. 1

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Welcome to The Eversio Experience Podcast hosted by Brandi Garden, the co-founder of Eversio Wellness, and Desiree Caruso, who has a background in naturopathic medicine.

We’re here to talk all about the world of mushroom wellness because mushrooms are critical to the maintenance of our physical well-being and our collective mental health.

We believe mushrooms are symbols of interconnectedness, and we’re so excited to connect you with the health, wellness, and wisdom that they have brought us on our journey to this moment.

Our ancestors had deep cultural connections to mushrooms, but today they remain understudied, undervalued, and often misunderstood by much of modern society.

So, we’re here to change that. Eversio means change and it’s our mission to change lives through fungi.

There is a mushroom for every moment, and we’re so glad you’re here to share this moment with us.

In this episode, we discuss who we are and why we started a mushroom company. We share our personal health stories and discuss the value of Naturopathic Medicine in today’s world. We also review the critical factors to consider when sourcing mushroom wellness products in today’s market.


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