Wellness Witch Podcast: Why Functional Mushrooms are Game Changers For Your Health with Brandi and Desiree

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In this episode, Samantha is joined by Brandi and Desiree from Eversio Wellness to delve into the transformative power of functional mushrooms for health and wellness. Brandi and Desiree shed light on how mushrooms combat stress, boost immunity, and support mental health. They also tackle important topics such as dosage accuracy, environmental impacts of mushroom production, and the unique benefits of ergothioneine. The conversation concludes with insights on mushrooms’ role in managing blood sugar and hormonal health.


Today on The Wellness Witch:

• Exploring the health benefits of functional mushrooms

• The importance of accurate dosing and labelling integrity of mushroom products

• The benefits of the compound ergothioneine to aging and cognitive health

• Functional (medicinal) mushrooms vs. psychedelic mushrooms

• How mushrooms help manage blood sugar levels and hormonal health


Where to find Samantha:

• Instagram: @holisticwellnesswitch

• Website: holisticwellness.ca

• YouTube: Samantha Gladish

• Facebook: Holistic Wellness Foodie


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