How Mushrooms for Energy Can Promote a Healthier Mind and Body

Aside from strengthening the immune system, functional mushrooms can offer several other benefits and effects depending on the bioactive compounds they contain. And, with most people's fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, mushrooms for energy, mind, and body support are entering the spotlight, especially brain boosting supplements that help to manage  stress, depression, and anxiety.

There are wide varieties of mushrooms for energy support. However, each one has its own unique way to improve energy while promoting overall health. Whether you are looking for the best functional mushrooms for energy boost, mental support, or improved body functions, you can surely find the right healthy mushrooms that can work for you.

Mushrooms for Energy: Lion’s Mane for Brain

Lion’s mane is not only used for supporting brain health but also to promote energy. These functional mushrooms have been studied for their ability to act as natural energy boosters and they don’t contain caffeine so they won’t cause any jitters or energy crashes.

Aside from supporting energy levels, memory, concentration, and cognitive function, the lion’s mane is also known to promote a balanced mood [1]. In clinical trials conducted with menopausal women, the lion’s mane extract was added to the diet for four weeks. The results showed a decrease in menopausal symptoms such as depression and anxiety [2]. Lion’s mane healthy mushrooms can also ease irritability.

Lion’s mane also provides a balanced microbiome for gut health and blood glucose levels for overall health.


Mushrooms for Energy: Cordyceps Militaris for a Boost

Cordyceps Militaris is what everyone calls a natural performance booster. They are suitable for enhancing performance during intense exercises [3] such as workouts, outdoor games, and even sex [4]. Cordyceps Militaris can increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to naturally boost your energy.  They can also improve your body’s oxygen utilization, especially during intense workouts. 

Aside from improving energy and boosting performance, cordyceps militaris can enhance lung capacity, endurance, and stamina. They have been shown to decrease fatigue and burnout which is common after intense workouts and exercises. Also, cordyceps militaris can boost muscle recovery helping athletes get back to high level training faster after injuries.

These healthy mushrooms can also boost fertility and libido in both sexes.


Mushrooms for Energy: Reishi for Balance

Reishi mushrooms are ideal mushrooms for energy support without sudden crashes. They also protect the mind, body, and soul from the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. These healthy mushrooms contain adaptogenic, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

As the name suggests, adaptogens improve your body’s ability to adapt. They help in relaxation, improved sleep quality [5], and enhanced natural stress response. Stress, depression, and anxiety can lead to many other  health problems such as high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Adaptogens protect and strengthen the body’s response to help avoid these health problems before they begin. A powerful preventative medicine.

Reishi also contains triterpenes which protect and strengthen your nervous system, immune system, and cardiovascular system. It also contains polysaccharides which can help maintain the skin’s elasticity, moisture, and texture while protecting it from harmful UV rays.


Mushrooms for Energy: Turkey Tail to Defend

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, turkey tail functional mushrooms are used as mushrooms for energy support and to defend against possible health problems.

Turkey tail contains the following:

  • Polysaccharides [6], both Polysaccharopeptide (PSP) and Polysaccharide Krestin (PSK), can strengthen the immune system
  • Flavonoids and phenols defend the body from signs of aging and combat free radicals
  • Beta-glucans improve gut health resulting in obesity reduction
  • YZP protein which acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Glutathione to protect the liver cells

These functional mushrooms are also being studied for their ability to improve the body’s defenses against various types of cancer [7][8], such as lung and breast cancers, and even fight leukemia. When added to a daily routine, turkey tail can often improve the survival rate of cancer patients. (It’s important to consult a health practitioner when deciding whether turkey tail mushroom supplements should be added to your regimen.)


Mushrooms for Energy: Maitake to Maintain

Maitake contains high levels of amino acids, copper, phosphorus, B vitamins, and zinc. It is also rich in triterpenes, beta-glucans, and other bioactive compounds. Because of this abundance of nutrients, minerals, and bioactive compounds, maitake became popular for maintaining a healthy body. It also contains fatty acids which provide energy to the body.

To be specific, maitake functional mushrooms have been shown to maintain healthy glucose blood levels, cholesterol levels, gut flora, ideal weight, immune system, and antioxidants in the body. When eaten as food, maitake is high in fiber which is responsible for gut health, natural weight management, and lowering cholesterol in the blood [9].


Mushrooms for Energy: Chaga for Inflammation

Studies showed that Chaga functional mushrooms can boost the concentration of AMPK, an enzyme that plays an important role in cellular energy balance [10]. AMPK is crucial in pathways where energy passes in your body, so boosting AMPK concentration can help you to experience more consistent and increased energy.

Chaga also has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties which can boost your overall health and protection from bacterial and viral infections and reduce the onset of many chronic diseases. These functional mushrooms are packed with many vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds such as:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Fiber
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Chaga also has adaptogenic properties which strengthen the body’s response to stress, anxiety, and depression. In studies, Chaga has been shown to improve immune health, nourish hair, skin, and nails, and supports healthy aging. There are many health benefits of including Chaga in a wellness plan, that is why they are so commonly used for overall, complete health, both inside and out.

Mushrooms for Energy: Tremella for Texture

If you want to stabilize your skin’s moisture and the Qi energy in your body, tremella mushrooms are ideal. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi pertains to vital energy. According to TCM, when Qi is too low or high, it can lead to health problems. Maintaining stable levels of Qi is necessary for a healthy body and mind. 

Tremella mushrooms are used as a yin tonic to improve the yin levels in the body. In the Eastern language, yin deficiency is what we refer to as fatigue, burn-out, and tiredness. To reach the advisable levels of yin, tremella mushroom supplements can be used.

However, that is not the only benefit of tremella. In TCM, tremella mushrooms are used to promote healthy, young-looking, and radiant skin. That is because these functional mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides with antioxidant and anti-aging properties. These polysaccharides lock in moisture and maintain the integrity of your skin. Tremella mushrooms contain hyaluronic acid which is responsible for stabilizing the texture of the skin. 

Tremella is not only used for healthy skin. It is also used to stabilize the levels of cholesterol, decrease inflammation, and improve immunodeficiency.


Mushrooms for Energy: Oyster to Regulate

Oyster mushrooms contain high levels of antioxidants and nutrients. They can regulate glucose levels in the blood. In our bodies, we have hormones and enzymes which increase the glucose levels in our blood to create energy. Oyster mushrooms can aid in regulating blood glucose levels. They ensure the enzymes and hormones in our body keep turning sugar into energy to avoid damage to the liver, heart, and kidneys.

Aside from regulating blood glucose levels, oyster mushrooms can also regulate the cholesterol levels in your blood. These healthy mushrooms aid in preventing any blockage buildup in the arteries. Combining healthy arteries and balanced cholesterol levels, encourages a healthy heart and helps to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Oyster mushrooms contain ergothioneine (an antioxidant), iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and other minerals and nutrients. 


Mushrooms for Energy: Shiitake to Strengthen

Shiitake contains high levels of B vitamins which are responsible for supporting adrenal function. The adrenal function turns food into usable energy. B vitamins strengthen and improve concentration, cognitive function, and overall brain health. Having ideal levels of B vitamins in the body can also aid in easing brain fog [11].

These edible healthy mushrooms also strengthen the immune system [12] and the body’s ability to fight diseases. Shiitake mushrooms have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Studies show that shiitake mushrooms might even have antimicrobial properties [13].

Shiitake mushrooms are also associated with improving cardiovascular health, destroying cancer cells, strengthening the bones, enhancing blood pressure and circulation, and supporting healthy hair and skin.


Find High-Quality Mushrooms for Energy at Eversio Wellness

Here at Eversio Wellness, we emphasize the importance of finding the right functional mushrooms and mushroom supplements for you. Remember, some mushroom extracts might work for your friends, but not be right you.  With a wide array of mushrooms for energy available in the market, it is necessary to look for the variety of functional mushrooms that best fit your unique lifestyle and wellness needs. 

Aside from providing energy, the 9 functional mushrooms we introduced here also offer benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Whichever one you decide is right for you, selecting high-quality mushrooms for energy at Eversio Wellness can help you feel sure the mushroom supplements and mushroom extracts you are taking are pure, potent, effective, and safe. For full transparency, we include lab reports, certifications, and all the information you will need to verify the quality and potency of our mushroom extracts right on each product page here on our website.

We consistently offer the best mushroom supplements because we only use the whole fruiting body of functional mushrooms. No fillers. No grain. No growing substrate. You can be sure our mushroom supplements contain only MUSHROOMS filled with bioactive compounds that are listed on every label.

If you want to know more about mushroom supplements, you can contact us or check out the benefits of each of our mushroom extract blends and capsules on their detailed product pages.  We will be delighted to help you find success on your journey to mushroom wellness!



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