The Balance with Britt Podcast: A Mushroom for Every Moment: Medicinal Mushrooms for Whole Body Health with Brandi Garden from Eversio Wellness

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This week on the podcast, Britt chats with Brandi Garden, co-founder of Eversio Wellness and Eversio Labs, two family-owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness companies with a mission to change lives through fungi. She’s a passionate advocate for improved sustainability in the wellness space and for the daily use of medicinal mushrooms as preventative medicine and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Brandi is a self proclaimed mushroom nerd, and we're here for it! She found a love in fungi after her own health struggles, and now is passionate to share the power that these medicinals mushrooms possess.Β 

In this episode, Britt & Brandi cover:

β€’Β Brandi's health story, her 3 battles with skin cancer and how she found love in mushrooms

β€’ Neurogenesis and the mushroom connectionΒ 

β€’ The difference between medicinal, functional, and psychedelic mushrooms

β€’ The potential future use of psychedelic mushrooms

β€’ The benefits of chagaΒ 

β€’ The extraction process of chaga and anti-inflammatory benefits

β€’ The benefits of tremella mushrooms and what current research is saying

β€’ How cordyceps mushrooms can aid in energy productions and why elite athletes love it

β€’ The benefits of Reishi for a wandering mind

β€’ Why we love lions mane mushroom for mood, gut health, and brain health

β€’ Why you should add turkey tail to your mushroom regime

β€’ 5 things to look for in a good quality mushroom supplement


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