The Joyous Health Podcast: Exploring the World of Medicinal Mushrooms with Brandi Garden, Co-Founder of Eversio Wellness

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This week, Joy chats with Brandi Garden, the co-founder of Eversio Wellness, a family-owned and operated, Canadian mushroom wellness company. Together with her husband, her hope is to foster a world that seeks natural options to help treat the root cause of health problems and to upgrade everyday moments. She loves mushrooms because they can change natural ecosystems and people’s lives in so many meaningful ways. She looks forward to a day when our education systems will include the importance of fungi as a part of the curriculum. 

In this episode Brandi shares her vast knowledge on all things medicinal mushrooms and how you can incorporate them into your routine to improve everything from stress resilience to sleep quality to immunity. She also highlights what to look for when it comes to purchasing high quality supplements that actually work so you’re not wasting your money. You’ll finish this episode feeling educated and empowered to start incorporating these functional fungi into your life.

If you want to understand how medicinal mushrooms can support lasting health, then you won’t want to miss this episode. So settle in with a calming cuppa tea and get ready to soak up Brandi’s mushroom wisdom! 


Episode Highlights:

Brandi’s health journey that led her to discover a passion for medicinal mushrooms. 

How her psoriasis evolved into psoriatic arthritis. 

Her experience with immuno-suppressant drugs.  

Why she finally decided to stop taking pharmaceuticals. 

How she made over her diet and lifestyle to get to the root cause of her health issues.

The importance of gut health for autoimmune disease. 

The empowerment of neurogenesis. 

Scientific research on lion’s mane for brain health. 

The difference between mycelium and fruiting bodies. 

How to grow potent mushrooms vs. cost cutting methods. 

The importance of taking extracts for health benefits. 

Health benefits of cordyceps mushrooms. 

Why dual extraction is important for medicinal mushrooms. 

The molecules that pass the blood-brain barrier for nerve growth.

The rigorous testing process all Eversio products go through. 

Everything you need to know about reishi. 

What you need to know about cordyceps and fertility (learn more here).

The importance of voting with your dollar and paying for quality. 

What it’s like working with her husband every day. 

Why she wants to see fungi incorporated into school curriculums. 

How much more there is to learn about the health benefits of mushrooms.


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