Listen to Eversio’s Co-founder, Brandi Garden, on The Balance with Britt Podcast

Listen up, it's podcast time! 

If you're like us, a good podcast can be the best part of a morning routine. Wake up, learn something new, feel smarter all day. Yes, please! Especially when it's all about mushroom wellness!

Last month, Brittany from The Balance with Britt PODCAST interviewed Eversio Wellness co-founder, Brandi Garden and the episode is now LIVE. 

Brittany Nicholson has a passion to get women feeling UNSTOPPABLE, with more energy, better digestion and less stress. 

She decided that enough was enough when her digestive issues began to interfere with her social and work life and that's when she turned to Holistic Nutrition. Check out Britt's website HERE and listen to the podcast on your favourite platform to hear about the superpowers of each mushroom. It's time to LISTEN UP!

Podcast Introduction 

This week on the podcast, Britt chats with Brandi Garden,  co-founder of Eversio Wellness and Eversio Labs, two family-owned and operated Canadian mushroom wellness companies with a mission to change lives through fungi. She’s a passionate advocate for improved sustainability in the wellness space and for the daily use of medicinal mushrooms as preventative medicine and an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Brandi is a self proclaimed mushroom nerd, and we're here for it! She found a love in fungi after her own health struggles, and now is passionate to share the power that these medicinals mushrooms possess.

In this episode, Britt & Brandi cover:

  • Brandi's health story, her 3 battles with skin cancer and how she found love in mushrooms
  • Neurogenesis and the mushroom connection 
  • The difference between medicinal, functional, and psychedelic mushrooms
  • The potential future use of psychedelic mushrooms
  • The benefits of chaga 
  • The extraction process of chaga and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • The benefits of tremella mushrooms and what current research is saying
  • How cordyceps mushrooms can aid in energy productions and why elite athletes love it
  • The benefits of Reishi for a wandering mind
  • Why we love lions mane mushroom for mood, gut health, and brain health
  • Why you should add turkey tail to your mushroom regime
  • 5 things to look for in a good quality mushroom supplement

Learn more about Eversio products by checking out their website.

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